28 October 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As much as I HATE winter(or Fall because it inevitably leads to Winter) I do have to say, outside of whether, this is one of my favorite times of the year.  You may be wondering, "WoaSM, if you hate Fall and Winter, how can any part of Fall be your favorite?"  Well, let me tell you:

First, in my family, Halloween officially starts the "Holiday Season."  It's a big one for my family, as long as I can remember, everyone including Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and Cousins, have gotten together for the Big 3: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  This Halloween I'm really excited, when it comes to costumes, everyone is trying to out-do each other, I'm very proud of my costume, I'd really like to show you, especially those who doubt the true extent of my geekdom.  However, my parents and siblings have played the trump-card this year, I'll admit they've got me beat.  I'm not joking about the seriousness of Halloween, though, I've already got next year's costumes planned out.

Next, It's college football season.  I wouldn't consider myself a sports fanatic, but there are certain events that I always watch.  I love college football but can't really stand the NFL, it's pretty weird.  Most Saturdays during Fall and Winter are spent watching games all day, which is probably why my dating-life grinds to a halt, during this time of year, and could also contribute to why only two of my relationships have survived an entire Winter(Hannah and ashley), but of course that's another story for deeper into the Winter.  Anyway, I love college football, it's a lot of fun to watch those guys play with their hearts on the line every game, I mean when was the last time you saw a Pro cry after losing a close game only four games into the season?

Finally, it's baseball post-season time, at this point we're into the World Series.  Baseball has taken up about 17-18 years of my life at this point, I really love to play.  Sometimes watching is difficult, so I usually don't watch religiously until the post-season.(On a side note: I think this makes me quite the catch, I'm a sports-loving manly-man, but it doesn't absorb my whole life(except the World Series and College Football Bowl Season, at least.).)  This year I'm digging the Rangers, I love Josh Hamilton, he's a great player and a cool guy with an inspiring story.  Also I like Cliff Lee, really I'm behind any team that has a quality, Left-handed, finesse pitcher in the rotation.  I know a lot of people dislike baseball because it's boring or slow-paced, but as a pitcher I love the strategy and the doublethink in the pitcher-batter battle.

In a nutshell the answer to your question would be that while I seriously hate Fall for many reasons: It's murder of Summer, the cold, the snow, the short days, and lack of direct sunlight, many of my favorite things exist in this time of year.


Ashley said...

did you watch the baseball game last night?

Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...

I definitely did! We'll get'em back tonight!