23 September 2010

The Death of Summer

It's September 23rd, which means Summer was killed sometime in the night.

This makes me quite down-trodden, Summer has always been my most favorite months.  This year's passing has been particularly hard, after having a spring that spilled much too far into the year, this season seemed fleeting.  Unfortunately the winters in Utah last far too long for my taste.

Who can't love the long days and short nights?  There is nothing like waking up when the Sun is up!  The warmth is great as well, it gives you almost endless choices for activities.  Too many people here complain about the heat, they will consider a week of 90 degree days a "heat wave," while I'm apt to complain that we only broke 100 degrees a handful of times this year.  Another thing is the Summer wardrobe, let's face it, no matter how excited or happy you are for the cooling months ahead, can you deny the greatness of feeling comfortable outside in a T-shirt and shorts?  Mmm... Shorts, another great thing about summer, they and the girls that wear them, it truly is the most wondrous time of the year.  Baseball season simply adds to the allure of the season, I can't say how glad I am that I stayed for the Bee's game after being stood up, because I was never able to schedule another opportunity to catch a ball game.

I hate the idea that in a month or less I'll be forced to return to my hoodies and coats, my SAD is flaring up just thinking about it.  One thing to consider, however, is that this is all proof of the procession of time, and on top of that, Hannah returns with the next one.  I suppose the first day of Fall marks the first day I look forward to Summer.

21 September 2010

Mixin' It Up

What began as pure laziness has become a serious mission for fun!

Women, I've learned have wildly varying opinions of men and their facial hair.  Some don't like it, some love it.  Goatee, 5 o'clock shadow, 'stach , or full beard.  Personally I've always preferred being clean shaven, Hannah also liked it much more when my face was smooth.  Her appreciation didn't really surprise me, I can't really understand why women are attracted to facial hair.  I try to put myself in the position of the ladies, but I can't avoid thinking it must feel like making out with a cheese grater.  Another thing is, I don't like having hair in my mouth.  When making out in certain positions with girl who have long hair styles it almost always happens, which is unfortunate because those are usually the most fun positions.

Maybe I'm not adequately putting myself in their shoes, this is most likely a result of sub-conscious gender roles I was raised with.  Women are supposed to be soft and smooth, men tough and hairy, so maybe that's why I consider making out with something that I can only imagine as having the same texture as sand paper as anything but pleasurable.

Anyway, I haven't shaved in a few days and I was inspired to let it grow and then send Hannah some pictures of me with a full beard.  You know, give her something to look forward to!

10 September 2010

Is That a Threat?

In my last letter from Canada I was informed that, since it had been two weeks since Hannah had received a letter, I would now only be getting letters weeks that she receives letters.

In my defense I have been crazy busy, on top of that, Hannah's recent transfer cramped my style a bit.  I still think this ultimatum was a bit premature, I mean, I've only missed four total weeks, considering that we're approaching the half-way point, I'd say I'm doing pretty well!

08 September 2010

Everything Must Go

It gets very frustrating, how people get married so young in Utah,  I've mentioned it several times, but I will again and again.  It's depressing that I'm barely 23 and I'm already one of the oldest unmarried people that I know.  It's become painfully clear being back at school, I've discussed "Digital Recon" before, and more and more my results have been disappointing.  The most frustrating thing is that the situation is perpetual and unbreakable.  

The day you graduate high school it's like a giant liquidation sale starts, only with people rather than things.  If you don't buy right away, the the quality merchandise starts to sell-out.  You can attempt to shop around for a better deal, but if you can't find one you may find that, when you get back, what you wanted is sold out.  Of course there are some quality pieces hiding on the wrong rack but they become harder and harder to find.  One can always check back from time to time to see if anything comes back in-stock as a result of refund or exchange, but that could take even more time.  The problem is that you're under so much pressure to buy right away, because if you don't you may miss your chance.

It's interesting to walk into either of my two classes that are still considered generals and see that about 90% of the fingers I check already have a ring on them.  It's a little depressing to think that I'm taking a big risk putting so many of my eggs in Hannah's basket, that if things don't work out when she gets home I may have to either scramble, catch someone the second time around(hey the divorce rate in Utah is above 50%), or go for the freshly graduated.  It's something I try not to think about, I would say that is where my "faith" is strongest, that I'll still be able to find happiness regardless of what happens, that I can't force fate.

06 September 2010


The last month has been a complete blur.  I've been kept so busy at school and work that I find myself referring to things that happened "two weeks ago" even though it's actually been closer to two months.

Last week in one of the few windows of free time I've had I was able to take Melissa to Inception.  A movie for a first date violates one of my cardinal dating rules, but, honestly, I don't expect anything to come of this, it was just an opportunity to get out.  Melissa is a very nice girl, she's cute and funny, she's even fun to talk to, but she's not really my type for one simple reason, she's boring.  Now I'm a pretty adventurous person, I'll try just about anything once, I enjoy trying new things.  Melissa, on the other hand, is a very "safe" person.  She sticks to what she knows and doesn't like to leave her comfort zone, even when a conversation or discussion starts to get serious she'll back off.  It feels like she tries too hard to please people, and that does bother me a little bit.

Another thing that's a bit of a turn-off is that Melissa apparently hates talking about herself, which I find rare in women.  After the movie we spent some time talking, this is usually the point where I ask question after question, trying to gain as much information as I can.  I quickly learned that this wasn't going to work, I'd ask questions which I felt were good, random-facts type questions but here and there I'd ask a question and receive that "wrong choice" look that women are so good at, it only lasts a fraction of a second, but the message is clear.  In the end I decided to stick to questions about what she thought of the movie, of course Inception is a great movie for discussion, but I wasn't getting the information I wanted.

In the end I still knew next to nothing about Melissa, usually I don't take girls out until I know them reasonably well, but in this case I was hoping that a date would get her to open up a little bit more, but I was wrong.  Don't get me wrong, it was a good date, I had fun, I think she had fun, but I don't think we're compatible.