10 April 2012

Where You Go From Here

It's funny, the old stuff you find hiding on Facebook.  I like to brag that I joined Facebook very early on, just after it was opened up to all college students.  Back then you actually had to have a valid, current student e-mail address from a university in order to be allowed to make an account.  That year I had walked on to the baseball team at a local University, and I only found out about it because it was most popular among student-athletes.  To cut down on this tangent, let's just say I have 7 years of Facebook activity on the Timeline layout.

Somehow tonight, I ended up on the Facebook page that lists all of the "Groups" I've joined.  Without quite going back seven years I came across a group titled "Hannah's Mission."  It was kind of intriguing, especially I thought I had found everything in "The Great Purge", but apparently not.  I followed the link to find there were three members in the group, Hannah, her mother, and myself.  I won't lie, I Facebook stalked Hannah a lil' bit.

Instead of making me nostalgic, regretful, whatever, I actually felt happy.  Maybe it's the true her, or maybe it's the natural personality compromise we all make in relationships, whatever it is, I immediately thought about how much of a great fit Mirage is for me.  

To give Hannah the credit she deserves, when we were dating, she embraced my silliness, goofiness, and nerdiness.  Well at least the amount that she saw.  Using my time with Mirage as context, while I let my guard around those areas of myself down, it was never truly dropped with Hannah.  I never felt I could expose her to the brunt of the wave.

With Mirage on the other-hand I feel like I've even pushed myself to my limits and, not only does Mirage accept it but, she actually embraces it, and loves me more for it.  Sometimes I feel like Mirage discounts how much that means to me, but it's quite liberating.

In my past I've thought a lot about that song, "Don't Know What You've Got 'til it's Gone" and I've accepted it as true.  Recently, however, I've been thinking about the term "Ignorance is Bliss."  You can't miss something you've never had.  When I started this blog two years ago Hannah was the best girlfriend I'd ever had, there's no denying that.  

I truly thought we'd make the long haul, and that I'd be happy with her forever.  When she came home and wasn't interested, it nearly destroyed me.  By supporting her choice to serve a mission I had VOLUNTARILY given away the best thing that had ever happened to me.  That is, so far...

I can definitely say that every girlfriend I've ever had has been an improvement on the one prior.

07 February 2012

The Snow Cup

Hey!  It's been a while since I talked about my love for quidditch, so I thought I'd remedy that.

This weekend The Crimson Fliers and I hosted the 2nd Annual Utah Snow Cup, the only quidditch tournament in Utah.  It was pretty intense, especially since I was named a team captain since the World Cup in November.  We ended up having 7 teams in total, 5 teams from 3 states and 2 mixed teams made up of players from at least 5 different states.

I was really worried about The Snow Cup, we hadn't really practiced since the World Cup because of some team issues, I was scared we were going to be embarrassed at our own tournament.  Luckily our incredible team chemistry worked in our favor and we were able to keep the Snow Cup in Utah.  In fact, you could say we dominated the Snow Cup.

We actually never trailed at any time during a game, our only loss, 70-60 against NAU, came when we were 20 points up and they leap-frogged us with snitch catch for 30 points to end the game.  In the end the Crimson Fliers walked away with a 5-1 record, with wins against Auxkas(a California, Kansas hybrid team)120-30, our UNC Cup rivals the Denver Dementors 130-10, Mirage's debut BYU team 140-60, and Northern Arizona University 90-10.

I'm so proud of my team, they really played great quidditch.  I was told by at least two participants from other teams that we play beautiful quidditch.  We'll be losing a couple of our best teammates and friends over the next couple of months, it'll be hard breaking up "Murderers' Row" especially.

On side notes, Smartypants, The 'Rents, and Littlesister all came to support.  Littlesister loved it, she actually asked to stay and get a ride home from me when The 'Rents were leaving, future quidditch player right there(after an epic college soccer career of course).  Smartypants even loved quidditch.  We all decided that it's hard to explain quidditch in a way that sounds cool, the sport just has to be experienced.

I really do love playing quidditch, I'm so excited to head down to LA in a month for the Western Cup!

And here's a teaser for you, I may or may not be in THIS picture!

18 January 2012

Like Apples and Pineapples.

Having your new girlfriend be a reader of a blog that until recently has been about your old girlfriend poses a problem.

One which Mirage mentions a lot.

The fact that there is a year-and-a-half of blog posts going on about how amazing, awesome, or perfect Hannah is.  It's enough to make a girl feel inadequate.  I'll admit, hindsight is 20/15.  Rereading some of this blog I think, "Just wait buddy, I know how this ends."

The problem is, it's part of human nature to compare ourselves to others, and also to compare other people to others.  We all do it, but the variation in how we judge people is based on how we value various attributes.  This makes it very difficult to compare people across the board, so I've made a point to judge people based on specific offerings rather than the people in general.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, even (SPOILER ALERT!) me.  Each lady I have dated over time has also had their strengths and weaknesses.  Liz was very athletic and sporty, but didn't reciprocate affection very well.  Hannah was very laid back, but she was too agreeable.  Mirage is very passionate, but also very intense.

Some guys say they have some kind of rating systems, however I've always found it very difficult to compare girls as a whole.  My ego would like to tell me that each former girlfriend has been superior to the previous one, and I can believe that, but even still I can't say anything quantitative like, Liz was a 8.6, Hannah was a 9.1, or Mirage is a 9.3.  In the end I have to keep each attribute independent.

There are a few things about Mirage that I've noticed lately as standouts.  With Mirage, after I say something especially nerdy, I never have to think, "Oh no, was that too nerdy?" like I did with Hannah, while I had to avoid nerdy things altogether with Liz.  While there were a lot of things I wanted to LEARN with Hannah, there are a lot of things Mirage can TEACH me.  Mirage is a lot more generally passionate, which is sometimes a double-edged sword.

I guess in the end the only comparison that's really needed is this:  I'm not with Hannah now.  I'm with Mirage.

17 January 2012

Moving right along.

Another semester is here, and I'm still trying to find one more class to round out my schedule before the add/drop deadline on Monday.  

The break was great.  Mirage and I spent a lot of time together and, as I said last time, she got me on the slopes.  It was definitely one of those rare opportunities where I was humbled against my will.  Mirage got a good laugh as I ate it a few times, yet still tried to throw me on a blue which, I admit was beyond me, but you know, I'm never afraid to just wing-it.  

Mirage and I went over to The 'Rents on Sunday to celebrate Mother's birthday.  I think Mirage is starting to understand the family dynamic.  There's a sibling hierarchy, and when BigSis, Bro-in-Law, and Nephew are over, they're at the top of it.  I adapted long ago, usually I spend a little bit of time talking to BigSis and a majority playing with LittleBrother and Nephs.

Regardless of the history, I do love my family.  Have I ever mentioned how much of a genius LittleBrother is?  Sunday he showed me his newest invention, a crossbow, made out of a cardboard box, a rubber band, and a paper clip and shoots a pencil at high speed across the room, it had a trigger to fire and everything.  Chip off the old block.   My night was made, however, after giving the 2-year-old Nephs a goodbye hug and kiss when he says, "I'm glad you come a-night."

Mirage and I have entered into a few arguments/fights recently, some over dumb things and some over important things.  The argument is a bit of a major milestone for me, I definitely know how to start an argument, and conversely know how to avoid one.  Entering into an argument marks that moment where I feel truly secure in a relationship of any kind. 

07 January 2012

So this is... The Holidays

The Holidays are here again, though it makes me sad that my excitement for them has dwindled in recent years.

This past Boxing Day I had a very strange persistent emotion.  Sadness that Christmas was over.  I don't know why.  I wasn't even excited for Christmas, my Christmas itself wasn't all that great, but once it was over and gone, there was sadness.I couldn't help but wonder if it was just some kind of residual feeling from years past.

Mirage and I made the family rounds, which is always a good time.  I've said before, I pride myself with my ability to get along with 'the in-laws', and while I haven't been around Mirage's parents enough to accurately gauge whether they like me or not, I do have a good feeling.  I think 'a good feeling' is progress, especially since Mirage has told me that my decision not to serve a mission will be permanent points against(as it seems to be with most people in these parts...).  I think, with my guidance, Mirage is in with my family.  I don't mean to say that she needed coaching or anything, Mirage is pretty cool by herself, but I know my family, and they kind don't really take notice of you until they see that you have something to offer.  Thus the "guidance" I gave Mirage was just telling her which of her qualities to stress up front.

The rest of the break was spent, mostly with Mirage, driving to Provo a lot, etc, we had to make the most of the break since we'll both be in school and working full-time until Summer.  Mirage and I are going skiing tomorrow, my last day of freedom before classes start.  I haven't been on skis in 13 years, and Mirage is a very skilled skier so this could be interesting.  Let's just hope my eidetic muscle memory is still operational.