29 December 2010

The Friends

My friend Eric came over to hang out this morning.  Kind of weird to hang out in the morning, but I work evenings and he works graveyard so it's really the only time we're not busy. 

After he left I started thinking about how odd it is that, other than my three years of high school, my best friends have always been non-Mormon.  I guess "odd" is the wrong word, it's more "intriguing."  To all of my non-Mormon friends I've always been the good, innocent Mormon friend, they mess with me all the time about it, but I know they have my back. 

I have always found it amusing that they like to think I'm such a goody-good, because by Mormon standards I'm more middle of the road.  Eric and I are in the process of moving into a place of our own next month and I'm excited.  So much of my life the last 3-4 months has been absorbed into school, work, and family, I'm excited to have a friend down the hall.  Some people have made concerns known about me living with a non-Mormon.  I think they're afraid that he'll pull me away from the church, or in the least be a bad influence on me.  Sure there will probably be beer in the fridge, and the overall language will probably bump up a movie rating or two, but I am not that easily influenced.

A few years ago I would have been, and I actually was by other friends.  In the end I think my year long rebellious phase proved only that it didn't suit me.  Sure I had my experiences, one or two that I had to speak to the bishop about, but in the end I escaped with the knowledge of what I will do, and what I won't do, for sure.  I experimented, and gained empirical data to form an accurate conclusion.  Who said you'd never use the scientific method outside of class?

In fact I think I've convinced Eric to attend my singles ward with me after we move.  Of course like any good pitch man I told him what he most wanted to know, that there were lots of cute girls there.  Let's face it ladies, you own us, well, we let you own us.  Plus that's where it starts, it took a girl to pull me out of inactivity 3 years ago, who knows, maybe some girls can gain a convert in Eric?  If not at least he'll get thinking, he's not a big fan of the LDS religion, but we've talked enough for me to know that he's confused about religion and looking for answers.

Anywhere else I probably would've sent the missionaries, but I figure that if you've lived in Utah all your life and haven't converted yet, you probably need a more personalized approach.  Look at me scheming, doing my missionary work, Hannah would be proud!


singlemormonchick said...

look at you! please post what hannah says when you tell her.

Ashley said...

i nominated you for an award