15 December 2011

That Awkward Moment When...

Your ex-girlfriend who you wrote a secret blog about for a year and a half texting you out of the blue to inform you that it's no longer a secret.  Oops.  Well, not really oops.

Seriously though, over the weekend I get a text from Hannah saying:

"Hey, I know about your blog.  Please don't write about me anymore."

Umm, ok?  This is a pretty good example of where my brain goes in two opposite directions at the same time.  First, I went through all of the douche responses, you know, denying being the author, but then I remembered that one personal goal of this blog was to see how obvious I could make it that its me without anyone finding out.  Second I wanted to be a smart-ass and say, "I don't know what you're talking about, I write a fictional blog about people named Hannah and Chris.  I mean obviously it's fiction, what kind of horrible parent names their kid Smartypants?"  Third I thought about being a jerk and saying something like, "I guess you forgot while you were gone that 'I do what I want'?"

Finally, I decided that her request was pointless, let's all face it, this is the most I've talked about Hannah in two months or so, and it's still not even really about her, thus no response was given, what would I say to that anyway?  There's really no reason for me to write about her since the "Deletion", her character in this blog has become like that of Liz, someone to reference back to.  I'm not really sure why she's all that bothered by it.  I feel like 95% of this blog was me paying her compliments, followed by three months of frustration.

Anyway, Birthday weekend was pretty cool, Mirage had "Meet the Family, Part 2" on Sunday, which went much better than Part 1.  I remedied all of the problems from the first try and I think it went well.  Saturday was pretty much my birthday celebration, and it was great.  

The day started with Quidditch practice, which was interesting, because there is some  about being different and non-conformist in Utah it's really hard to get people to come and play with us.  Seriously, our on-campus fundraiser before the world cup brought at least 100 people to us, we asked them all to come to a just-for-fun practice/scrimmage/tryout the following Saturday morning and guess how many new people showed up.  Zero.  Anyway, counting Mirage there were only seven of us, which means we had to get creative.  Getting creative meant playing 3-on-3 where anyone could play any position at anytime, plus a snitch, it got really confusing, fast.

After Quidditch I went home and took a nap, I've probably gotten a little out of shape in the month since the World Cup.  Then I woke up and headed to Dinner with some friends, three of the Crimson Fliers, Mirage, Smartypants, and Bucky.  We hit up California Pizza Kitchen in the Gateway.  The original plan was Tucanos, but there was a THREE HOUR WAIT!  It's all good though, I'm going to Tucanos with the family to celebrate the combined birthdays of Littlesister and me.

Finals have been this week.  Pretty much I've been a little stressed.  At the University of Utah it's policy that Final Exams/Essays be worth a minimum of 30% of your total grade.  As a result, yesterday I had a Final worth 50% of my grade and another worth 35%.  I did get my big paper worth 25% back and I got an 88%.  I'm really happy about it not only was my 88% well above the class-average, but the professor said it was well-written and he enjoyed it.  He marked me down because he said I did a good job giving my opinions but I wrote the reasons for my opinions more like causation theories than personal fact.  What can I say?  I'm a scientist, it's hard for me to write anything as indisputable fact, even if its about me.

I feel really confident about my first final, the one worth 50%, so I'm not worried about that, however I feel alright about my other one, which is how I felt on the mid-term when I got a 'C'.  For a required American Politics class the professor's exams' difficulty varies greatly from question to question.  You go from, "To what do the terms 'Red States' and 'Blue States' refer."  To, "In the US Supreme Court which justices are considered Conservative?  Liberal? Which justice is considered to be the current 'swing vote'?"  I'm mean, come on, the university is forcing us to take this class and before the final the average grade was 74%,  ONLY ONE PERSON GOT AN 'A' ON THE MIDTERM and it was worth 25% of our grade!

Anyway, I'm already looking forward to next semester, I'm ready to move on and NOT have two math classes.  Over the break I'll be working and trying to see Mirage as often as I can.  Luckily she's not going home over the break so she'll be 45 minutes away rather than an hour and 45 minutes away.  Unfortunately she'll be working a lot over the break so I'll have to use some problem solving to work it out most efficiently.

Well, anyway, I've got half a cheesecake that won't eat itself!


Tripp Hazard said...

Ugh, I know that sinking feeling in your stomach that you get when someone finds out you write an anonymous blog and they are in it. Good for you in not worrying about her opinion. Hopefully she doesn't do anything vengeful in response.

Also, for the record, Mirage makes it a little too easy to figure out your secret identity.

Anonymous said...

Haha awkward... but awesome.

singlemormonchick said...

i have often worried about someone "finding out", but now i just dont care.
i know i rooted for hannah the whole time,but now i just think she is an idiot.