07 January 2012

So this is... The Holidays

The Holidays are here again, though it makes me sad that my excitement for them has dwindled in recent years.

This past Boxing Day I had a very strange persistent emotion.  Sadness that Christmas was over.  I don't know why.  I wasn't even excited for Christmas, my Christmas itself wasn't all that great, but once it was over and gone, there was sadness.I couldn't help but wonder if it was just some kind of residual feeling from years past.

Mirage and I made the family rounds, which is always a good time.  I've said before, I pride myself with my ability to get along with 'the in-laws', and while I haven't been around Mirage's parents enough to accurately gauge whether they like me or not, I do have a good feeling.  I think 'a good feeling' is progress, especially since Mirage has told me that my decision not to serve a mission will be permanent points against(as it seems to be with most people in these parts...).  I think, with my guidance, Mirage is in with my family.  I don't mean to say that she needed coaching or anything, Mirage is pretty cool by herself, but I know my family, and they kind don't really take notice of you until they see that you have something to offer.  Thus the "guidance" I gave Mirage was just telling her which of her qualities to stress up front.

The rest of the break was spent, mostly with Mirage, driving to Provo a lot, etc, we had to make the most of the break since we'll both be in school and working full-time until Summer.  Mirage and I are going skiing tomorrow, my last day of freedom before classes start.  I haven't been on skis in 13 years, and Mirage is a very skilled skier so this could be interesting.  Let's just hope my eidetic muscle memory is still operational.

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singlemormonchick said...

sounds like things are moving along nicely with mirage. :)
the holidays sucked over here. i am seriously looking into going somewhere else next year. its been a cumulative things for the last 5 years or so...wish it were different.