07 February 2012

The Snow Cup

Hey!  It's been a while since I talked about my love for quidditch, so I thought I'd remedy that.

This weekend The Crimson Fliers and I hosted the 2nd Annual Utah Snow Cup, the only quidditch tournament in Utah.  It was pretty intense, especially since I was named a team captain since the World Cup in November.  We ended up having 7 teams in total, 5 teams from 3 states and 2 mixed teams made up of players from at least 5 different states.

I was really worried about The Snow Cup, we hadn't really practiced since the World Cup because of some team issues, I was scared we were going to be embarrassed at our own tournament.  Luckily our incredible team chemistry worked in our favor and we were able to keep the Snow Cup in Utah.  In fact, you could say we dominated the Snow Cup.

We actually never trailed at any time during a game, our only loss, 70-60 against NAU, came when we were 20 points up and they leap-frogged us with snitch catch for 30 points to end the game.  In the end the Crimson Fliers walked away with a 5-1 record, with wins against Auxkas(a California, Kansas hybrid team)120-30, our UNC Cup rivals the Denver Dementors 130-10, Mirage's debut BYU team 140-60, and Northern Arizona University 90-10.

I'm so proud of my team, they really played great quidditch.  I was told by at least two participants from other teams that we play beautiful quidditch.  We'll be losing a couple of our best teammates and friends over the next couple of months, it'll be hard breaking up "Murderers' Row" especially.

On side notes, Smartypants, The 'Rents, and Littlesister all came to support.  Littlesister loved it, she actually asked to stay and get a ride home from me when The 'Rents were leaving, future quidditch player right there(after an epic college soccer career of course).  Smartypants even loved quidditch.  We all decided that it's hard to explain quidditch in a way that sounds cool, the sport just has to be experienced.

I really do love playing quidditch, I'm so excited to head down to LA in a month for the Western Cup!

And here's a teaser for you, I may or may not be in THIS picture!


Smartypants said...

Let's just remember that Smartypants was the one that was like, "BE ON THE QUIDDITCH TEAM!!!!"

And I certainly loved it, you guys were all amazing. The girls on your team are total badasses, and the "Murderer's Row"- you guys are legit. Beautiful to watch.

I want a Crimson Flier's fan tee. How can we make this happen?

Anonymous said...

We want a Mirage update!