19 July 2010

Birthday Spectacular!

So Hannah's birthday is coming up!  Well actually it's like two months away, but I like to plan ahead.  Anyway, tonight at dinner my sister told me that with her job she gets a HUGE discount shipping things through FedEx.  This got me thinking about what I could send Hannah.  I thought of many fantastic things I could send, and I thought it would be cool that, with my sister's discount, I could send a huge box.  Then I remembered two things, first anything I send has to be "mission appropriate."  In other words, I can only really send things that she can use while in the field.  Second, anything non-consumable that I send will have to be carried around and brought back for a whole year until she comes home.

Now I'm stuck, I don't have a lot of ideas, sure I've only really been thinking about it for a couple of hours at this point, but time is of the essence, as they say.  Now I didn't serve a mission, and being the oldest male in my family, I've never been Super-close with anyone who has, at least not close enough to send gifts.  I know that Hannah specifically wants two things: mission-appropriate music, and pictures of me/the two of us.  Of course I'll send treats.  I guess this is sort of a shout out to anyone who's sent a gift to a missionary for ideas!  What did you send?  If you haven't sent gifts to a missionary, picture yourself on a mission and think of things you'd want to receive from "someone special."  

I want to hear from YOU!


Kate said...

In packages that I’ve sent my boyfriend on his mission, I included his favorite snacks, homemade cookies, pictures of things I’ve been doing since he left, pictures of me in our favorite places around town, etc. You could also buy one of those little notebooks, and on each page write something you love about her, an inside joke, or a cute memory you have together. She’d love it!

singlemormonchick said...

this wasnt for a missionary(i think i have mentioned that i never 'waited' for one),but my boyfriend who lived across the country. i got a big box. like really big. i enclosed his gifts and some treats, but i bought some mylar balloons(inflated)and pushed them in, taped the box up really well, and marked it with "this way up" and sent it. when he opened the box, the balloons floated up out of the box, then when he looked in, he saw everything else. i cannot tell you how many times he mentioned the balloons. he loved it. he was bummed when they finally deflated a few weeks later.
very impressed you are planning so far ahead. :)

Anonymous said...

make a small scrapbook :)

*shades of bridget* said...

candy is always good....send M&Ms= aMazing Missionary ;) also ghet some "girly" stationary that she can use :D