03 July 2010

Looks Only Get You So Far...

I've been starting to get to know this girl at work named Melissa.  My job duties required me to walk past her 10-20 times a day, and after a few weeks of passing by I finally started to say "Hi!" and later still actually stopping to chat.  She's a cute girl, but good looks aren't everything in my book.

It can be tough to get to know someone through a series of 3-5 minute conversations, especially if one of the parties seems extremely shy.  Being shy isn't a bad thing, mind you, I'm pretty shy myself, it's just another hurdle to get over.  To keep from sounding like I'm trying to sell myself to new people I meet, I like to ask a lot of questions.  A girl's stock can rise and fall based on her answers regardless of appearance.

The problem with Melissa is that getting a solid answer is difficult.  I have to ask straightforward questions like "What is your favorite color" or "Do you like bowling?" rather than general questions like "What do you like to do?"  Maybe it's the mystery that drives me, maybe I am sincerely interested, it's probably both.

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