05 July 2010

Top 5

I was trying to narrow my Top 5 Celebrity Crushes down to a solid five, not four, not six.  Here's what I ended up with, not in any particular order:

#5 Carrie Underwood
I HATE country music, but this one is enough motivation to watch bits and pieces of the CMTs.  Too bad she's marrying a Hockey player.

#4 Amanda Bynes

Have I mentioned that I'm a leg man?  She's got some nice stems.  Too bad she's quitting Hollywood.

#3 Emma Watson

 Hermione.  Plus she's actually going to college, regardless of fame.  I never thought I'd be jealous of Rupert Grint...

#2 Maggie Lawson

From my favorite show, PSYCH.  It could just be her resemblance to Hannah.

#1 Maria Sharapova

Ok, this one IS in particular order.  Once again, legs.  Also a skilled athlete.  Too bad she's been losing to Serena lately, but let's face it, you can tell Serena has a little bit too much testosterone pumping, but I won't make accusations... *cough*steroids*cough*

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Anonymous said...

your so funny, thats cute lol