29 March 2011

King of the Losers?

The singles ward continues to be an interesting experience.  It's beginning to look like spring(well, now and then) and love is in the air.  Singles are dropping like flies.

I still remain the most attractive male, single YSA as stated in an earlier post.  Though this ward is better, probably because it's smaller and more tight-knit, I still catch glimmers of the meat-market concept.

I tend to get to church early, not on purpose of course, but early enough so that the chapel is almost empty when I get there.  I usually go in pick my seat, not so close that I seem overly enthusiastic, but not so far back that I seem I'm obligated to be there;  I also sit about one or two people widths from the aisle, close enough to it that I don't have to climb over 10 people if I need to hit the bathroom, but far enough away that I don't look like a prisoner preparing for a jailbreak.  Because I'm first there, I don't sit by people, people sit by me.  Ever since Brianne got more or less snatched up there's a rotation of girls who, I swear, take turns sitting by me in sacrament meeting.  I'm still trying to figure out why this is, the conspiracy theorist in head head tells me they've been sent in an effort to keep me active.  I hope this isn't the case, I like this ward, I plan to keep going, but I know the 2nd counselor from the home ward, and he's aware of my history of inactivity.

Now I'm sure some people are thinking, "Maybe they just like you/are interested in you?"  Well that's definitely likely, I am a fine specimen of manhood and all, but the problem is they don't ever talk.  I mean, if I saw someone sitting by themselves, and I decided to sit next to them, I would strike up a conversation.  They don't, which makes me uncomfortable because I feel like we should be talking, I mean, the chapel is empty and you came and sat right next to one of only 3 or 4 people in the room, shouldn't we be interacting in some way?  And I'm talking right next to me, that little two person wide area between me and the end of the bench.

I could probably try harder.  I could easily be one of those people, like my brother-in-law, who everyone loves.  I'm definitely sharp enough to be like that, everyone at work tends to love me, even the crazy people;  The literally crazy people who don't know who they are, where they are, or even that this is not the year 1921(even though they hadn't even been born by then), all they know is that they like me.  I don't need to be liked, so unless I care about someone, or need to care about someone, I don't push it.  I'm not going to bring anyone out of their shell, so if they're not going to give me anything to work with I'm not going to worry about it.

Still, why sit next to someone, in an empty room, without a purpose?  Either let's talk or let me sit alone and contemplate things other than why you're sitting next to me in silence.


Kaybaybay said...

I must admit that this amused me, because I've found myself in the same situation numerous times. And you explained it perfectly! Stay strong and good luck with everything!

singlemormonchick said...

that is weird.