03 August 2011

The Long and Lonesome Road...

Hannah and I met up for a hike for our get-together this week.

The hike was definitely a beneficial experience, we were able to really talk, rather than the stupid just-catching-up stuff we've been doing.  We hiked up to a waterfall, ate lunch, then trekked back down, that was it.  On the way up we spoke in depth about religion and the philosophy thereof.  My goal for bringing this up was twofold.  First I wanted to start off talking about something she was confident in right now, plus I do have some real questions that she could answer.  Second, I wanted to know where she stood, you never know with returned missionaries and the faith.

On the way down I was able to transition into more temporal matters, "us".  I really wanted to have a chance to tell Hannah how I felt and what I really though about what she said the last time we were alone together.  I guess the best way to describe her reaction and response was that it was "nearly as good as I could expect."  I told her, honestly, the type of relationship I expected, and she did the same for me.  We are pretty closely on the same page, however there were a few details that were tough to swallow, though not necessarily bad.

For instance, we agree we need to take it slow, start from the beginning, and just be friends, but it's still difficult actually hearing that she doesn't feel right about us dating right now.  While I agree it's wisest for her to date me and others casually, it's still difficult know what I'm in for.

It's slightly frustrating knowing the road that is ahead of me, whether I understand the reason for it or not.  There's a good chance I'll be headed uphill for a year or more yet.

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