31 July 2011


Hannah's homecoming at church was today.

It went really well!  At least as well as could be expected.  After I was able to sleep and calm my nerves after the Wednesday reunion my head was cleared and I was able to start reassessing my plans and strategies.

My problem, I'll admit, was getting my hopes up at the possibility of a swift re-acclimation, to the point that I told myself that is what I needed.  Since the meeting proved that would not be the case I've been focusing the last few days on shifting gears, digging in* and preparing for a long drawn out process.(*I was going to make a really nerdy comparison to the WWI, but decided to save you all the long, metaphorical tangent.)

This is not a situation that will be solved with words, but actions.  We're planning to get together again once this week for an activity.  My immediate goal is to prove to her that I'm not only interested in resuming a relationship, I still need to separate my feelings for pre-mission Hannah from post- and decide if that is what I want anyway.  I can't adequately do that unless we spend some more time together.  Until such conclusions can be made I figure, Hannah and I were friends long before she was my girlfriend.

Here's to always having a Plan: B (and C... and D...)


Sara @ Struggling Happiness said...

Uh, I think I'm going to call you Sarah. BTW, silent letters are dumb.

Lisa S said...

Ok now, that's more like it. Just remember to be yourself,don't over analyze things. Good luck. :)

Anonymous said...

i think this strategy will work. by showing her that you want to see her to see if you even want to pursue anything, it changes things up quite a bit. you are no longer pursuing her, you are taking a wait and see attitude. the genius is that its all true. you dont know how you feel about the post mission girl.