17 January 2012

Moving right along.

Another semester is here, and I'm still trying to find one more class to round out my schedule before the add/drop deadline on Monday.  

The break was great.  Mirage and I spent a lot of time together and, as I said last time, she got me on the slopes.  It was definitely one of those rare opportunities where I was humbled against my will.  Mirage got a good laugh as I ate it a few times, yet still tried to throw me on a blue which, I admit was beyond me, but you know, I'm never afraid to just wing-it.  

Mirage and I went over to The 'Rents on Sunday to celebrate Mother's birthday.  I think Mirage is starting to understand the family dynamic.  There's a sibling hierarchy, and when BigSis, Bro-in-Law, and Nephew are over, they're at the top of it.  I adapted long ago, usually I spend a little bit of time talking to BigSis and a majority playing with LittleBrother and Nephs.

Regardless of the history, I do love my family.  Have I ever mentioned how much of a genius LittleBrother is?  Sunday he showed me his newest invention, a crossbow, made out of a cardboard box, a rubber band, and a paper clip and shoots a pencil at high speed across the room, it had a trigger to fire and everything.  Chip off the old block.   My night was made, however, after giving the 2-year-old Nephs a goodbye hug and kiss when he says, "I'm glad you come a-night."

Mirage and I have entered into a few arguments/fights recently, some over dumb things and some over important things.  The argument is a bit of a major milestone for me, I definitely know how to start an argument, and conversely know how to avoid one.  Entering into an argument marks that moment where I feel truly secure in a relationship of any kind. 

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