28 June 2010

Experiences at the 'Flirk'place

I used to roll my eyes at shows like "House," "Grey's Anatomy," "ER," "Scrubs," etc. because romance within the hospital among employees was so ridiculously and unrealistically rampant.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Never have I been in a place where flirting was so constant and widespread, even more so than the dorms.

I already mention my SA about a week ago, as well as my flirting attempts in the even more distant recent past.  What I didn't know at the time is how these instances were just drops in the bucket.  While I've started to recognize compliments directed towards me, I've broadened my horizons as well.

I've begun to talk to a new girl in a way that the average observer would describe as flirting.  While, I admit, I'm guilty as charged, I think I take a different approach.  As I observe my fellow hunters in action I can't help but see that all of the talking and joking is just an attempt to bait the prey into accepting a date.

I have to admit, in my strategy, I spend more time trying to figure out if I'm interested in date than if she is.  I've never been the kind of person to go out first and ask questions later.  I'd rather get to know someone and then take them out rather than ask out a stranger and burn a perfectly good evening on a crappy date.  Does this severely cut my prospects and opportunities? Yes, but, in my opinion, the only two dates I've regretted have been the two instances I didn't or couldn't follow this model.

I guess I'm a curious person, my flirting AND first date consist almost entirely of asking question after question.  Someone once told me that a first date in like a job interview, I agree, and treat as one.

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