08 September 2010

Everything Must Go

It gets very frustrating, how people get married so young in Utah,  I've mentioned it several times, but I will again and again.  It's depressing that I'm barely 23 and I'm already one of the oldest unmarried people that I know.  It's become painfully clear being back at school, I've discussed "Digital Recon" before, and more and more my results have been disappointing.  The most frustrating thing is that the situation is perpetual and unbreakable.  

The day you graduate high school it's like a giant liquidation sale starts, only with people rather than things.  If you don't buy right away, the the quality merchandise starts to sell-out.  You can attempt to shop around for a better deal, but if you can't find one you may find that, when you get back, what you wanted is sold out.  Of course there are some quality pieces hiding on the wrong rack but they become harder and harder to find.  One can always check back from time to time to see if anything comes back in-stock as a result of refund or exchange, but that could take even more time.  The problem is that you're under so much pressure to buy right away, because if you don't you may miss your chance.

It's interesting to walk into either of my two classes that are still considered generals and see that about 90% of the fingers I check already have a ring on them.  It's a little depressing to think that I'm taking a big risk putting so many of my eggs in Hannah's basket, that if things don't work out when she gets home I may have to either scramble, catch someone the second time around(hey the divorce rate in Utah is above 50%), or go for the freshly graduated.  It's something I try not to think about, I would say that is where my "faith" is strongest, that I'll still be able to find happiness regardless of what happens, that I can't force fate.


Lachele said...

Or somethings get better with time.

I am a WAY better catch now that I am older, as opposed to when I was 18. Just because girls are older and not married doesn't mean there is something wrong with them, and if there is then I guess I missed the memo ha ha!

Don't just go get engaged to the first 18 year old you find. Why do you think there is such a high divorce rate? Because they get married, not knowing ANYTHING, and when they're 25 they realized how much they missed out on and want to go back.

Don't worry so much. You should be learning the most of the experiences you're given right now, because chances are they will lead you to the type of person you want to be with, or will make you the type of person, that someone you want will want...

Good luck! ;)

Claire said...

Uh.. does this mean that if half my friends are married, that I'm not "quality merchandise!?"

I've noticed a ridiculous number of occupied ring fingers. Literally every guy's finger I've looked at has a stupid band on it. haha.

Oh... and if you go for the freshly graduated.. just no.

Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...

It's like the Wal-mart $5 movie bin. If you go on Wednesday, right after they stock the bin, you can just pluck the best movies right off the top. However if you wait a few days you're going to have to dig through about 50,000 copies of "Friday the 13th: 8" to find that copy of "Apollo 13." Now whether you're a copy of "Apollo 13" or "Friday the 13th: 8" is up to you to decide.

singlemormonchick said...

downright depressing. depressing, but true. i like your analogy, i hate it too,

FCP said...

dude, that's TERRIBLE!!! hahaha I can't believe you said that...

See, I have grand ambitions not to get married for at least four years (I'm a few months shy of twenty) because I think it's INSANE that people in Utah get married so young. It's an excellent way to doom your marriage because people change so much from nineteen to twenty-five. I'd certainly better be a WHOLE lot more emotionally mature when I get married, because I spent high school like plenty of girls did - making out with hot boys for fun. Which it was. But do you really want to marry someone who has no idea what it means to work on a relationship and has no relationship experience outside of making out with no commitment or meaning attached?

I mean... really?