21 September 2010

Mixin' It Up

What began as pure laziness has become a serious mission for fun!

Women, I've learned have wildly varying opinions of men and their facial hair.  Some don't like it, some love it.  Goatee, 5 o'clock shadow, 'stach , or full beard.  Personally I've always preferred being clean shaven, Hannah also liked it much more when my face was smooth.  Her appreciation didn't really surprise me, I can't really understand why women are attracted to facial hair.  I try to put myself in the position of the ladies, but I can't avoid thinking it must feel like making out with a cheese grater.  Another thing is, I don't like having hair in my mouth.  When making out in certain positions with girl who have long hair styles it almost always happens, which is unfortunate because those are usually the most fun positions.

Maybe I'm not adequately putting myself in their shoes, this is most likely a result of sub-conscious gender roles I was raised with.  Women are supposed to be soft and smooth, men tough and hairy, so maybe that's why I consider making out with something that I can only imagine as having the same texture as sand paper as anything but pleasurable.

Anyway, I haven't shaved in a few days and I was inspired to let it grow and then send Hannah some pictures of me with a full beard.  You know, give her something to look forward to!

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