23 September 2010

The Death of Summer

It's September 23rd, which means Summer was killed sometime in the night.

This makes me quite down-trodden, Summer has always been my most favorite months.  This year's passing has been particularly hard, after having a spring that spilled much too far into the year, this season seemed fleeting.  Unfortunately the winters in Utah last far too long for my taste.

Who can't love the long days and short nights?  There is nothing like waking up when the Sun is up!  The warmth is great as well, it gives you almost endless choices for activities.  Too many people here complain about the heat, they will consider a week of 90 degree days a "heat wave," while I'm apt to complain that we only broke 100 degrees a handful of times this year.  Another thing is the Summer wardrobe, let's face it, no matter how excited or happy you are for the cooling months ahead, can you deny the greatness of feeling comfortable outside in a T-shirt and shorts?  Mmm... Shorts, another great thing about summer, they and the girls that wear them, it truly is the most wondrous time of the year.  Baseball season simply adds to the allure of the season, I can't say how glad I am that I stayed for the Bee's game after being stood up, because I was never able to schedule another opportunity to catch a ball game.

I hate the idea that in a month or less I'll be forced to return to my hoodies and coats, my SAD is flaring up just thinking about it.  One thing to consider, however, is that this is all proof of the procession of time, and on top of that, Hannah returns with the next one.  I suppose the first day of Fall marks the first day I look forward to Summer.

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Ashley said...

Hey kuddos to waiting for the missionary. I spent 24 months in your situation... it was long but i married the guy so i guess it worked out right? ha well besides the fact hes my ex... ha