09 July 2011

You Said It!

I got some good responses from my last post I mostly liked the ones Trip Hazard and Madi because they agreed I'm going to do the right thing.  I mean, I AM going to her homecoming, I've already RSVP'd to the event on Facebook, I can't go back on that.

We had a long discussion about a common point in each of you comments at work last night.  Women are ridiculous and make no sense.  Now when I was growing up is was just my mother, my older sister, and I for a few years so I'm more familiar with women than most.  I witnessed my mom date, I witnessed my older sister date, I wouldn't be a true people watcher if I hadn't paid attention.  I'm very perceptive, I think I know all the incredibly subtle hints women give, but it still drives me crazy.  Why?  Women are not consistent.

I guess the most obvious example is when women say "I'm fine."  I swear 80% of the time "I'm fine." really means, "You screwed up, and I'm upset, and I want to see if you'll figure that out and apologize/make it up to me!!!!!!).  The other 20% of the time it means "I'm fine."  It's probably more than 80/20, someone should really do a statistical study on that.  Anyway, there's no way to "play it safe" when it comes to women, because you never really know when they're being serious and when they want you to solve their little brain puzzle.

I'm pretty sure Hannah and I talked about this and we cut a deal.  I would be open with my "feelings" if I could accept what she said she was/wanted as fact.  It has worked out pretty well, of course it's a hard habit for her to break, but I don't cave either.  There have been one or two time she said she was "Fine" when she was obviously bothered by something.  Of course me being the annoying(and probably slightly manipulative) person I am went out of my way to act normal, content, and happy until she finally admitted she was bothered and that I was ridiculous for pretending that I really didn't know that.  I guess that's just one of many things that women have to put up with me.

Hopefully this clears up why I'm going to give her "some space."  That's what she said, and I'm "assuming" that's what she means.  Plus I'll see her at the homecoming a week after she gets home, and since I'm considerably more irresistible now than I was at her farewell all should be well.

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singlemormonchick said...

cant wait to hear how this plays out. please promise to tell us all.