19 May 2010

Forgetful Brandy?

I thought about what I'd say to Brandy for the last day and a half.  I wanted to say something to the point, but without sounding confrontational.  I finally settled on something, I had it all typed up then saved it to my drafts because I didn't have the guts yet.  It sat there for about 15 minutes until I finally just closed my eyes and pressed "Send"

Chris: "Hey you!  What happened on Monday?"
Brandy: "huh?"

C: "Weren't we going to the Bee's game?  I waited behind homeplate but never saw you"
B: "Oh, i'm so sorry :("

C: "Hey no worries, but you missed a heck of a game!"
B:  "I'm so bummed..."

C: "Well it's early in the season still.  You'll probably get another chance..."
B: "I hope so. :)"

What do I think of that?  Do people really forget about something like that after two days?  Granted, that was her first day at a new job, and I guess technically I backed out of our first date almost two years ago at the last minute; I guess we're even.  I don't know what my next move is, I'll probably just wait and see.


In unrelated news I made the "Hate Wall" at Mormon Bachelor Pad.  My comment was fueled by memories of Ashley who, like many of my high school buddies, was afflicted with this relationship ADD.  Eventually you have to give up the chase and be happy with your catch.

At least I got some good advertising out of it though...


Anonymous said...

I totally saw your comment on MBP and LOVED it! I'm definitely a fan of anyone who is willing to speak their mind. As for Brandy, she sounds kind of pathetic. We don't know if she did or did not forget about your date, but she sure didn't do that great of a job apologizing for not being there.
Best of Luck with everything.

singlemormonchick said...

the bachelor pad really gives great advertising. almost a year ago jake named my blog as one of his favorites because i was a cougar and he wanted to bend the loc with me.
:D got tons of traffic for a few months i see you already have some more followers. :)
i definitely think its possible brandy forgot, but she seems a little too casual about her standing you up. proceed with caution is all i have to say about that!

10ashus said...

hahaha I'm glad you posted it! I thought it was great and I am glad you can speak your mind.

Claire said...

Pch. She's lame- didn't even make up an excuse, say what happened... just, "Oh, sorry!"


Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...

I know, I'm definitely wary of her now.

Of course Brandy has poor texting skills. I don't know if I've ever had more than a 25 total message conversation via text with her. Also emotion tends to get wrung out of text messages, I know my ironic, sarcastic, teasing style often gets misinterpreted. If I ever see her again I'll know how sorry she is.

singlemormonchick said...

oh yeah-thats another reason i think you are smart-i think you hit it on the head with your analysis of calvin. pretty deep stuff, man!
ps-love that you have metallica on your play list.