04 November 2010


I guess my thoughts before made clear that I'm a bit of an infophile, I love gathering information.  Any information, if it's brought to my attention that there is something interesting I don't know, I have to learn about it.  Luckily, I was born in the information age and anything I'd like to know is only a few keystrokes away.  Unfortunately there is no end to satisfy my obsession, case and point: I was up until 2:30am the other night after I lost track of time reading some medical journals.

I don't discriminate by type either.  One think I picked up when I was down in the dorms was Cosmopolitan Magazine, slightly embarrassing perhaps.  It all started back in the Liz days, she and her roommates used to keep a few issues along with of design or fashion related magazines on their coffee table.  Every now and then there'd be a lull, our dorm really got along with theirs so we were up there most nights, and since we were all athletes, a different combination of us would be out-of-town any given night.  Originally we'd each pick up an issue and flip through and joke about what was written, one of my favorites was always a section in each issue called "The Man Manual."  I think the best thing about it was that a good 85% of the information about what guys want was completely off, and the other 15% was the information that the girls thought was completely off.  I often laughed at the things the female contributors would tell their readers that men "really want."  One part I found humorously valuable was the articles that were explaining how if-he-does-'this'-he's-thinking-'that'.  I mean what great information to have at my disposal!  I know exactly what girls think I'm thinking when I do things like cock my head to the side, the hand-holding configuration, and what feature I'm looking at as she's talking.  Really the reading has carried on, I don't run out to the store to buy the latest issue, but if I'm wandering the Barnes and Noble or stuck in a long check out line I'll still pick it up and flip through.  Sometimes I wonder if the inaccuracies go both ways.  My old roommate used to subscribe to Men's Health, and there were similar, though role-reversed, articles about women.  Plus who can resist some of those headlines?  "Seduce Any Woman, Any Time", "Get Hit On All the Time", "5 Signs Your Man is Lying", and "What She Means When She Says..."!

I'm proud of my collection of information, I like being considered knowledgeable.  Once, after a 3-hour Cash Cab marathon Hannah's older brother told me I was probably the smartest person he knows.  The trick is that it's all just knowledge, being smart is when you apply it.  There's a lot of trivia taking up space in my brain that I'll most likely never use, outside of impressing friends during Jeopardy, but I'll keep acquiring it all.  Sure most of it is probably useless but you never know when being able to name the Capital of Finland might come in handy!

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Madi said...

I had to go look up what the Capital of Finland is!