18 November 2010

The Two Ones Paradox

I believe in the theory of infinite parallel universes.  I also believe in the soul-mate, although I believe that we all have multiple soul-mates and that decisions we make in life slowly narrow it down to our The One.

That said, I've gone off on a bit of a tangent that demonstrates the depth of my nerdom, while it may be interesting to someone, it's probably not necessary to understand the "Good parts" of this post.  If you'd like to save time, skip everything between the stars.

The concept of parallel realities, is that everyone of our decisions creates a split, the decision you made continues you on down the life you currently lead, and other parallel universes are created in which you selected each of the other logical possibilities.  This also applies to everyone else and they're decisions, creating almost an infinite interconnected web of human decision where there is(to quote an ancient proverb) "infinite diversity in infinite combination."  This would include realities where because of your parents different choices they never met and you do not exist.

I put a lot of thought into this one day in seminary when my teacher tried to explain how we can have true free agency, but God already knows our fate.  I came to realize that with a slight alteration it actually makes sense.  That is if you reverse the concept, where there already exist an infinite number of parallel time lines going forward from this point in time, representing every combination of decisions you could be confronted with, as well as every decision you will be confronted with as a result of all previous possible decisions.  In my concept, every time a decision is made all of the universes in which you made an alternate decision(as well as all subsequent decisions to those) are destroyed.  This supports my religion's view of faith in that, every possible path your life could take is already mapped out, and God in his infinite wisdom, knows you so well that he knows the decisions you will make based on situation, and knowing all the paths your life COULD take, he knows what path your life WILL take.

Anyway, this applies to every decision you make, no matter how seemingly insignificant, including when you decided what to eat for breakfast.  Needless to say some decisions don't alter your life course much at all if any, while others alter it completely, say, which school you decide to enroll in completely changes the people you will meet, who may or may not effect your future choices.

That's right, other people's decisions can effect your fate as well, perhaps your best friend at college, who encouraged you to  do something you otherwise wouldn't have, had chose a different school to attend.  You could have just as easily never met your husband, therefore your children, as you know them, no longer exist.

As I was saying, how decisions you make alter your life's course can vary greatly in magnitude.  Some may have altered where you find yourself sitting right now; others may have you sitting in the same place you are now, only with a different perspective on life.  There are so many possibilities when it comes to where you could be right now in a parallel universe that it can make your head spin, I don't recommend doing it for too long.

Based on your decisions and those of your multiple possible soul-mates, I believe, ultimately decides who your The One could be.  Based on your decisions you may have been in the same place, only with different experiences or credentials.  This also means there's a good chance you've met many of your soul-mates from different chains-of-events, I know I have.  In fact if I think hard enough I can usually point to a decision or two from before we met that are the only reasons a girl I've dated is not The One.  It's slightly depressing to try to predict alternate realities, I don't recommend that either.

This entire chain of thought was brought up again when I told Brian at work tonight about my eHarmony experiment.  He asked me if I thought Hannah was The One, I told him I believed she definitely could be.  He then asked what I would do if I met and started dating someone while Hannah was gone that I also began to feel was The One.  That question completely stumped me, which doesn't happen to often, it has been eating at me all evening and night.

The dilemma is that if that situation were to occur, it's likely I could never be happy with either of The One's, because I would have to make a choice, a choice that would be the destruction of the future with the other.  Psychologically the idea of making a choice between two girls who I both consider The One would likely create doubt in whatever decision I made.  Any issue that arose I would be tempted to chalk it up to making the wrong choice for the ideal life.  In all likelihood the alternative could have been the same, or even worse, but I would never know.  It'd be like Sophie's Choice.  Technically both choices would be equally wrong, so how do you make the right one?

I had lunch with Melissa yesterday, due to a scheduling change at work we were able to link up.  We ate from The Dragon Diner, which is really great Chinese if you're in the mood.  It was good, the conversation flowed pretty easily, which has been different from many of our previous experiences together.  Now I have all of these new thoughts about how I might proceed with dating.  Do I want to take the risk of finding someone else I really Click with?  If I do find a girl like that, how do I proceed?  What happens when Hannah gets home?  I can't exactly say "Tough luck, you decided to go on a mission", especially after I encouraged her so much to go if she wanted to.  How would I decide?  How COULD I decide?  I guess there's always polygamy, it seems to be a pretty sweet deal for that guy on TLC.

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