10 November 2010

A Marriage

I was writing a completely different entry when I went off on this tangent which was long enough to warrant it's own entry.

I was noticing how Married people always seem to have wedding pictures as profile pictures, it doesn't matter how long ago the wedding was.  I gave my older sister a hard time about this, she had the same wedding picture up for FOUR YEARS!  I refuse!

I try to prepare myself for my future wedding.  It seems like agreeing to expose yourself to considerable amount of discomfort.   First, I think wedding pictures are cheesy.  It seems like everyone has the same pictures, only with different subjects.  I'm not joking, if I had thier permission I have 3 friends with the EXACT same wedding picture.  You know the one, standing on the steps of the Salt Lake temple, it's a semi-profile close-up, taken from the side as the happy couple is talking or laughing, somewhat candidly.  I think engagement pictures are even more cheesy, again a majority are the same.  One complaint I have is how "the one ring" is always placed in the photo somewhere in a way that your eye is naturally drawn to it, though some are less subtle and the thing is just right there.  To be honest, after the number of weddings attended, I wouldn't say I'm excited for my own.  Sure I hope mine is really the "Happiest day" of my life, but sometimes I wonder how with all of the seemingly obligatory activities.  Hours of pictures no one really wants to be there for.

Then the reception.  Has anyone been to a wedding reception they actually enjoyed?  You show up with the gift, which you stow away somewhere, then you stand in the line.  Oh "the line", I think it's an automatic in Utah.  Most people have them, I think they're lame, you wait in line for 20 minutes to get 15 seconds say your congratulations to someone you probably saw a few days before, or at least already told one on one somewhat recently.  Of course I've had some friends try to avoid the line, but some way or another one always seems to form where ever they are at the time.  Secretly I've been doing all of my wedding planning, that is, trying to find a way to avoid a line, but it doesn't look good.  So after the line, then what?  Mostly you sit at a table, surrounded by 50 people you don't know, but that seem to know everyone else in the room, then eventually you decide you've been there long enough and go home.

I know the wedding is really "her day", so obviously these complaints would NEVER come up.  I've done my future wedding preparation, I say a mean "Yes, dear", and "That sounds great honey."  Really I don't care what my wedding is like, I would like it to be enjoyable, and not so cliche, but I guess that's just a perpetuity of Utah, and you swallow it with a smile.  I will also not have a wedding picture as my Facebook picture, I think pictures of my girl and I doing what we love will always be my favorite.  I don't think wedding photos are, at all, representative of myself.


Fei said...

Wedding profile pictures annoy the heck out of me. To me, it's as if the wedding day was the highlight of the whole relationship.

As many pictures of us we have together, my husband barely ever has pictures with me in his profile (unlike me who has him with me in at least every other profile picture), but on the day we got married, he updated it to a picture that said "Level Up".

If he could've had it his way, he would've eloped, but of course, he married *me*, so that didn't happen. We kept things manageable and meaningful and made it OUR day. I thought it would be a day he tolerated, but he actually enjoyed it and says that it was the best day in his life up to that point.

So, it happens. Some guys actually love their wedding.

Cami said...

hahahaha! awesome.

Madi said...

I would just like you to know, I'm looking for a way to get out of the line too. Let me know when you find it...

singlemormonchick said...

i hate receiving lines. ridiculous.
i think girls who go crazy and plan with no regard to their future husbands comfort and enjoyment are ridiculous as well.

Fei said...

SMC, I agree with you. I don't understand why we make weddings the girl's day. That doesn't sound like a good start to the marriage. You mean the girl plans everything and the guy just shrugs and goes along with it to make the girl happy?

Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...

What I, as a male, think makes the wedding day is the girl's day is pretty simple. I've never actually thought about my wedding day, especially the specifics of a wedding. The furthest I've gone is planning the most likely times I would propose in order to have a wedding during the time of year I wanted. So apart from wanting a sunny, warm, fun wedding I haven't thought about any part of it. I've been told that women start planning their wedding day early, and considering my 11 year-old sister will make comments about HER future wedding from time to time, I assumed this was accurate. I suppose I have thought about Honeymoon ideas,of course that's probably what guys care about...(haha), I've thought about post-wedding life plans, even parenting strategies, but the actual wedding has just never been a big point for me to think about.