05 January 2011

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom...

Until they hit the Canadian border, apparently.

I'm a little frustrated with the United States Postal Service right now.  Today I was informed that Hannah still hasn't received my Christmas gift.  It was expensive for a procrastinator like myself to get a 2lb. 13 oz. package to Canada in 3-5 days, but yet here we are 15 days later and it still hasn't been delivered.  The lesson I'm taking from all of this is that the US Postal Service must not have any jurisdiction in the Great White North, or probably anywhere else outside of the US.  I sent her birthday present via FedEx and it got there exactly when they told me it would, exactly when I PAID for it to arrive.  As I look back I've yet to receive one of the letters that Hannah sent in about mid-August.

Lesson learned- FedEx > USPS

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singlemormonchick said...

the canadian postal service sucks. i am sure the usps got it there, but its stuck somewhere in the "great"white north. i have had 2 personal experiences with canadian post and they were both horrible.