25 January 2011


At church this last Sunday I was really welcomed.  I don't really know if it was because people were asked to(the first counselor is from my home ward) or if it was because I resolved to turn off the "leave me alone" vibe I usually emit when I go to church alone.

This week's meeting was nice, one of the speakers was one of my Pioneer Trek brothers, who gave a great talk about having good judgment and listening to the spirit.  Before sacrament I was asked by one of the fellow elders if I wanted to come and sit by he and his friends.  In Sunday School I girl named Brianne introduced herself to me.  She's a cute girl, I had noticed her before sacrament meeting had begun(I'm a sucker for tall-ish girls with long, straight, blonde hair, what can I say?) and I also noticed she had gone through and looked up all of the scripture references for each of the Hymns we'd be singing.  I'm wary of church-y girls, ironic coming from a guy who's waiting for a missionary, I know...

I ended up feeling really welcome at church for the first time in a while, probably since the student ward a couple years ago.

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