16 May 2011

Episode IV: A New Old Friend

It's been about seven years since Hannah and I first met.  It still makes me laugh to tell people who ask that Hannah and I met because she was my high school girlfriend's friend.  I love the silly looks and instant judgement that comes with it until I tell them that we didn't start dating for four years after I broke up with ashley.  Hannah actually told me a while after we were dating that she had actually talked to ashley and asked if it was alright with her if she dated me.  I told Hannah that I really didn't think that was necessary, especially since ashley is one of only 2 people I have ever genuinely disliked(read Hated) in my entire life, but I think that speaks a lot to Hannah's character.

So, ashley and I hung out a few times with Hannah and some other friends while we were dating, most of whom liked me.  In fact I gained a friend out of the whole ashley debacle, Kristal, I won her in the divorce you could say haha.  Really that friend is the only reason Hannah and I ever started dating.  After the break up with ashley, Kristal and I would still hang out from time to time a few of the times we would hang out with Hannah as well.

Way back then I remember thinking Hannah was attractive, even if she did wear entirely too much eye makeup.  Later I would find out that Hannah thought I was pretty attractive at this point also, but I was seriously screwed up after dating ashley.

(Quick Tangent:  I've been asked about ashley and what happened there, however I will not give her the credit of a blog post.  Suffice it to say the thing I took from that relationship was my knowledge of everything I DO NOT want in a significant other. End Tangent)

Over the next couple years I kind of forgot about Hannah, I had gone up to school, so had everyone else.  I started dating Liz at this point also.  The next time I saw Hannah was went I went down to take Kristal to dinner for her birthday in December.  Kristal and Hannah were roommates now, so when we went back to play Apples to Apples, I saw Hannah again.  I remember still finding her attractive, but she still wore SO MUCH eye makeup, plus I was still happily with Liz at this point.

I didn't really think about or hear from Kristal or Hannah again until the following Summer when I got a random text from Hannah that she was hosting a fire in her backyard and I was invited.  (I was still dating Liz at this time, but even though in the dorms she one flight of stairs above me, when we moved to our respective homes for the summer we were about 45mins-1hr apart.)  So I went and it was fun, Hannah, Krystal and I stayed and talked until after 3am, but then I really didn't see either of them again the rest of that summer.

Fast forward:  School started again.  Liz dumped me two days before my birthday and started dating her current husband a week later.  I moped around for the following five months of school...

Now it's early May, I was helping Kristal move her junk back home for the Summer.  Kristal and Hannah were roommates again this year so I really ended up helping both of them move back home.  I remember being attracted to Hannah again here, and now she was wearing considerably less eye makeup.  Packing up the cars went pretty quick so we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening hanging out around town before the trek home...

This marked the beginning of a relationship, and probably the favorite summer of my life to this point...

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