21 May 2011

Too Easy

Sometimes I think I went too easy on myself with my New Year's Resolutions.  We're only 5 months into the year and I've pretty much achieved all of my goals.

Get a job with PCMC or UUHC - Check

Transfer to the University of Utah - Done; finally got the letter approving my transfer today

75% Church attendance on Sundays I don't work - On Pace

Get back in to the Amateur Baseball League - Check

I still need to move on/near to campus, and finish Fall Semester with a CGPA > 3.9, but with any luck Eric and I are moving into our own place in July and, well, university is one of my strengths.

I've been pretty mopey the last couple weeks but I think I just needed to get that out of my system.  The last week at work and the week ending with my acceptance letter(which I wasn't really worried about, it just took FOREVER), baseball, and finally sunshine has made the final push out of this slump pretty easy.  This rest of my year should be all down hill from here, new movies to see almost every week, Hannah coming home in two months, back to school in the fall.  Easy-sleazy.

Maybe I didn't set the bar high enough for myself this year, but it was what I needed.  If the last year of my life was a rebuilding year then I'd say this is a year I needed to build up momentum.  No better way to do that than to earn some quality wins.


Madison said...

I've never had an honest to goodness resolution. I just sort of make up my goals as I go along. Do they actually work? Do you really strive to do them all year round, and come out of the year better for it?

Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...


I dunno, I always try to make realistic goals. If you don't achieve those goals I think it defeats the purpose of making goals in the first place.