11 May 2011

A man in scrubs

I think there's definitely something about a man in scrubs.  I'd have to say, about every other shift on the unit I get a patient trying to hook me up with their daughter/niece/grand-daughter.  It's kind of funny, I never really know what to say to that.  How do you respond?

I know I'm also in my element at work, I feel more confident on the unit than I do off of it, which is weird, but I love it.

It's not just getting offer to be set up either.  I get hit on a considerable amount at work too.  It's always hard for me to be serious about it though, usually at work my strange sense of humor is in overdrive.  So when those daughters/nieces/grand-daughters are hitting on me I drift off and imagine what it'd be like showing up to their house shaking their mother's/father's/aunt's/uncle's/grandpa's/grandma's hand and saying "Hey, remember when I cleaned up your poop/urine/vomit?"

Put's a bit of a dampener on things on that front, mostly I last until I can leave the room to start laughing to myself, I'm pretty sure my co-workers think I'm slightly psychotic with all that random chuckling.

Speaking of co-workers, I've realized that work should be an ideal place for me to find dates.  I mean, most of these girls are somewhat like me, slightly nerdy, a little smart, a bit ambitious, plus ponytails are pretty much the go-to hairstyle for work and we all know of my weakness for them.  Really, you just have to get beyond the androgyny that scrubs tend to create with girls(I know, so unfair...) and you're all set.