04 June 2011

My Free Time

I've spent quite a few of my last days off with BangsMcCoy.  Bangs has been a welcomed distraction from Hannah and Smartypants.

I'm always entertained by BangsMcCoy, probably because she and I are so similar, eerily similar sometimes.  I joke that Bangs is the female version of myself and vice versa.  Not that she's exactly like my, only a girl, but that she is what I would have turned out like had I been raised as a girl including all implied and taught gender roles.

It's been really good to get out and just joke relentlessly with someone for a change.  I love to joke and tease, but recently with Hannah I feel like I've had to walk on egg shells, which is hard.  Even with Smartypants, sure I flirted a lot via teasing, but I was still trying hard to impress her so there was always a little stress involved with that.  Yes, it's been nice to really just let loose with Bangs.

Maybe I just started taking myself too seriously.  The last two weeks I've been starting to let loose.  I think originally I had gone a little crazy with things with those girls.  Now I've relaxed a little more, I ordered some stuff online last week, some of it has shown up and every time I think about it I start this excited(and admittedly a little creepy) giggling.

Anyway, thanks to my new friend BangsMcCoy, for putting up with the endless teasing and joking.  Whether you know it or not, I've needed it.

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Sara @ Struggling Happiness said...

I wish I knew who all these nicknames were!