06 June 2011

One Word to Describe You.

I was working with Prementor the other day.  We have a very JD-Coxian relationship, she gives me a lot of crap at work for things, but I accept that it's mostly because she wants me to be better at work, and at life, than everyone else.

Last night she said, "You know, Chris, I used to think I'd describe you as a Narcissist, but now I think you're just weird.  That's the only word I can think of to describe you."

I've long accepted that it's very difficult for people to describe or explain the kind of person I am, but it was really funny to hear it put so plainly.  It got me thinking about what word I would use to describe myself.  At first I thought about "brainy", then I thought that maybe "weird" was a good one.  I finally settled on "Sufficient."

"Sufficient" may not be a very romantic word to describe yourself as.  The dictionary defines "Sufficient" as "Adequate for the purpose; Enough."  I feel that, however boring, it describes me more completely than any other word of which I know.  You can think of just about anything, and I am "sufficient".  Sure, sometimes I'm more than sufficient, but I'm always, at least, as much as is needed.

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