28 October 2011

"The Chick Magnet" and "Old Habits Die Hard"

Today we were fundraising on campus, which was really fun, cold, and successful.  We ended up making about three times as much as I thought we would.  I also think I just about septupled the number of people I've met on campus.  A few funny stories.  Remember how I mention my issues with my own personal "ugly duckling syndrome"?  Here comes a good example of how silly it is:

So I ended up staying to help at the fundraiser from the time my last class let out until we picked up and went home, almost six hours in all, most of it begging, guilting, or pretty much any other shameless behavior-ing people into buying our goods.  Towards the end of the sale I saw this cute brunette(and remember, I'm usually partial to blondes...) walk through campus kind of eying our table whom I waved to.  

Hint one: After I waved Unnamed Cute Brunette(UCB) immediately and completely changed her trajectory to come and see what was going on.  

Hint two: In the same turning motion UCB slyly removed her glasses, a move I've utilized a few times, let's face it, many of us have vision problems but we don't always feel the most attractive while correcting them.  

Now I don't want to come off as giantly big-headed right now, but I felt pretty good about how I looked at the time, especially considering I had been up for nearly 20 hours by this point in the day, but I feel like I look pretty attractive with my newly shortened hair and about 24-48 hours worth of scruff, it says, "Hey, I'm a clean-cut guy... kinda."

I wish I could tell you that after talking to UCB for a bit I got her number and a date, but in the end, even after immediately recognizing these two hints of interest my true nature won out.  And by 'true nature' I mean the one that's still an awkward, shy, geeky 14 year-old.  I ended up talking to UCB for a couple minutes about why we were out there, she bought some of our baked goods, then I got made fun of for missing that chance...  

Disappointing?  Slightly.  But I really had so much fun sitting in the cold with my friends trying to hoc our cupcakes and cookies!

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jenerator said...

-slyly removes glasses- Oh, hey there Quidditch player. I see from your blog that you don't have a girlfriend. I think Quidditch is cool... So... I'll see you around?