31 October 2011


I've totally been feeling bipolar the last week or two.

My range of emotion has been capable of jumping from anger and sulking sadness to happiness and near-euphoric excitement from second to second at times.

Honestly, I'm not surprised.  I have a lot to be angry and sad about, as well as a lot to be happy and excited about right now.

Hannah posting pictures of her and this new dude on facebook: ...awesome...

Eleven days until I leave for New York:  !!!AWESOME!!!

Getting the class average on an exam: epic fail

Date on Friday:  WINNING!

I'm pretty much conditioning myself when it comes to Hannah, Pavlov style.  Thought about Hannah slips in?  I think about Quidditch, maybe some Zoolander, Monty Python, or Dr. Horrible Quotes.

Avoiding/Repressing your emotions.  Who, me?  Never.