10 October 2011

From Here On Out...

So I switched up my blog a bit since I like to 'live in the now'.  I've decided to put the whole 'waiting' thing behind me.

In the end I became a relic of Hannah's old life and therefore represented something she was trying to get away from.  Hannah and I still see each other occasionally, but I've stopped thinking that anything is going to happen and it's more the fact that Hannah is a good friend in that she's reliable, and if she says she's going to do something, she does it.

From here on out this is a post-waiting record, in other words, my normal life blog.

At work Saturday night we hit a real slow patch and since there was a good group on we all congregated on the point to talk.  After some conversation we discovered that there are only three or four of us aides on the floor who aren't in some form of relationship.  This sparked a discussion on how they were going to get us all girlfriends/boyfriends.  I just chuckled.  One of the things that really bothers me is how single people seem to make coupled people uncomfortable.  Honestly, along with some obvious things, that is one of my biggest peeves about being single, all of a sudden you have no friends.  I've been literally told by one of my old buddies that I "could come if [I] had someone to bring."  What is that crap?

Anyway, as they were brainstorming who I could ask out my dating history, most notably that in the past 20 months I've been on less than a handful of dates, a statistic that is apparently up there with the older nurses who have given in to the idea of permanent bachelor/ette-hood.  When asked why I tried to explain that I like to get to know girls before I ask them out, mostly because I dislike playing "Dating Go-Fish."

My coworkers were all in agreement that I just need to start going on dates.  I have been working on putting myself out in the social sphere, I joined an intramural football team which I've been voted team captain for, I've been playing some Muggle Quidditch which has been a welcomed way to put my athleticism and nerdiness at peace with each other.

I have decided start considering being more liberal in my dating practices, though it will be hard to put the old ways behind me as they were generally successful.

So... peace-out waiting blog...

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singlemormonchick said...

sigh. these significant realizations are never easy, are they?
i have never experienced the desertion by my paired off friends that you are describing, but i can imagine it and i think it sucks. i think its more prevalent in the lds world. probably worse in utah.
i think its smart to expand your horizons(so to speak)in the dating world. wish i could take that advice myself. lol