23 April 2010

I am Janus

I realized that since the main focus of this blog was me waiting for Hannah I have focused, almost entirely, on Hannah.  In a totally unselfish way I've come to realize that I am also a main character in the odyssey, so I'm going to try to give myself a bit of a plug here.

I'm about 6'3", I think it's a good height, tall enough to be taller than a majority of people I know, but not so tall that it's freakish and makes me stand out.  I'm about 180-190 lbs, I feel like I'm skinny to average build, I know coaches would always tell me I should shoot for 210-215 lbs to fill out, and I'm still trying.  I have brown hair that's lighter brown when it's short to almost black when it's long, but I like to keep it short.  I have blue eyes and I was blessed with dimples, I paired these so I could tell you that most girls tell me that they, along with my height, are my best physical features.

As far as who I am and how I carry myself, people see me as an athlete, in high school I guess the clique I most fit into was with the "athletes."  I wasn't a jock, I never thought playing sports made me better than anyone, I didn't play to be cool, I had always played and it was fun.  I feel like I was reasonable popular, people from high school will recognize me even if I don't recognize them(which always makes me feel weird because I'm really good at remembering faces).  Shame to say, but I did tend to play a little dumb in high school, I was so scared of being a geek again after middle school that I tried to play it off like I didn't really care about school, but I did.

Under the surface, I'm still a really big geek, but no one I meet knows that.  I'll admit it, I'm a Trekkie, I've seen every Star Trek movie, and probably almost every episode of every TV series.  Of course I was at the latest Star Trek movie opening night in my Star Trek "red-shirt."  I've even dabbled in comic books in the past.  I think what makes me truly geeky though is that fact that I can sit with one of my geeky friends and have a 2 hour long conversation/debate about things that are completely hypothetical.

On the outside you could say I'm your average sports-watching, old-man-softball-playing, Utah guy, I won't stand out in a crowd, but I've still been told girls find me attractive.  On the inside I'm like Justin Long's character in Galaxy Quest.  I think that makes me a well-rounded person, and I think there's something to say for well-rounded people.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog! I'm waiting on someone as well to come home from their mission. :) It's been rough, but he just hit the one year mark and I actually think this has made our relationship stronger. Best of luck to you, I hope to read more. :)

Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...

Well it's all downhill for you now! Well done!

The more I think about it each night is rough, you look back on your day and it seems like it was SO hard. Then you wake up the next morning and realize that yesterday wasn't so tough, and neither were any of the days before it.

When one of my closest buddies got home from his mission he said one thing that's always stuck with me, whether you're on a mission, waiting for someone on a mission, or just going through a generally tough time.

"The days seem like weeks, but the weeks seem like days."