17 April 2010

My Life's Dating

Well I figured since I've already referred to some of them, and will most likely do so again, I'd give an outline of my life's dating experience so far.  Here goes, from first to present.

Miranda- I'm not 100% sure she belongs in this group because I don't think we actually "dated" but we did hang out every weekend for about six months.  Miranda was a grade above me and also went to a different high school in town, that pretty much made me a legend with my buddies who couldn't believe that I, out of all of us, was "dating" a senior.  I felt a little bit like I'm sure 'Squints' with Wendy Peffercorn in "The Sandlot."  We met in a class we were both taking off-campus.  We first started hanging out because she needed a "wing man" not in the normal sense of helping to pick up on chicks/dudes but more as a guy deterrent.  Pretty lame, I know, but I was 16 and a half, and did I mention she was a senior?  Over time we became close, really to the point that it was a given that we were going to hang out each weekend.  The best thing about Miranda was that she was completely spontaneous, she would do just about anything.  We borrowed shopping cart and rode them down a hill, attempted the "Gallon Challenge," and would drive around wearing bike helmets, an activity we called "helmetting".  Since all through middle school I had been a rather huge nerd, being with Miranda did wonders to bring me out of my shell.  I took Miranda to my first dance, and I have to say even to this day it was my favorite of them all, it was really nice to be with a girl you could just have fun with.  Unfortunately, nothing ever really progressed and at the end of the school year she was leaving to attend BYU-I and that was that.

Nicole- This one lasted one date and one dance.  Towards the end of my Junior year of high school I met Nicole in health class, she thought it was cool I was on the baseball team, I thought it was cool she knew that. I also liked the fact that she was tall, at 5'10" she's still the tallest girl I've ever dated.  Well our first "date" consisted of getting some food at like Del Taco or something, then meeting with two other couples to watch Top Gun.  Then about three weeks later we were going to go to my second dance, Prom.  Long story short, I get a text in class the Thursday before the Saturday of prom from Nicole informing me that she didn't plan to seriously date anyone while in high school so we couldn't date(a concept you'll find, later, that I should've stuck to myself), but we could still go to the dance.  I know I should've canceled out but I had already rented the Tux and bought the tickets, and how would I find another date in 2.5 days?  So we went, probably the most memorable, and expensive, dances I ever went to.  Let's just leave it at saying Nicole was very ditsy, which I don't find attractive in the least bit, and by the end of the night I was enjoying getting to know another guy in our groups date... No, it wasn't like that, it was his cousin!  Yeah, one of those...

Ashley- Ugh... Honestly, I'd rather not, but she's a rather large piece of this puzzle.  Ashley and I dated the summer after my Junior year and all through my senior year(way too long).  She was a grade below me, and probably the first girl that showed genuine interest in me(First lesson learned: Not a good reason to start dating someone).  She was completely full of herself, not that I could see that then.  She was not a good influence on my life at all, in fact, I could probably go back and show how every bad choice, mistake, and regret in my life to this point is linked back to dating her.  One good thing did come of it all though, this is how I met Hannah.  Ashley and Hannah were friends, maybe friends of friends, and every now and then we'd see each other, but that's how we met.  Anyway, Ashley was the type of girl who couldn't handle a good looking guy giving attention to anyone else when she was around, she even scared off most of my girl friends including girls I was friends with because we were Pioneer Trek siblings, it was all pretty silly.  She also proved that guilty people always accuse the innocent of their own crimes.  She always thought I was "cheating" even though I never would, I mean, what's so hard about breaking up with someone if you really want to be with some one else instead right?  Well of course she thought this because she was doing it herself, luckily for me I'm a nice enough guy that people, even her friends, had my back and let me know.  I forgave her the first time, probably because I still had extreme "Ugly Duckling Syndrome," even though I had grown up I still pictured myself as that nerdy, gawky kid from middle school  I will say that Ashley almost single-handedly taught me what to look for and what to watch out for in future girl interests.  Also, I learned I should've listened to my parents about steady dating in high school, you're only left with regrets and a list of girls you wish you would've asked out but didn't.

Brooke-  This one is actually a sad story.  Brooke was my first rebound, which is sad because she was a really nice girl, also I really liked her parents, they were great.  We dated for about 2 or 3 months and when we finally kissed there was just... nothing.  What do you do in that situation?  We kissed for the first time and I didn't feel anything, no happiness, no excitement.  Luckily I was moving up north for college around this time so I tried to use that to let her down easy.  This is why I refuse to rebound, I still feel bad.

Liz- Liz was one of those great dating experiences that you really learn some life lessons from.  However, I'll probably always consider Liz "the one who got away."  Liz and I met my second day after moving into the dorms, and it was like that scene out of Wayne's World, where Garth sees the blonde woman, everyone else goes out of focus and "Dream Weaver" starts playing.  She and her roommates lived right above us and since one of my roommates was the RA of our building they came down to say hi and play some fooseball.  She was there to play tennis and I was there to play baseball, athletic chicks are amazing.  This was probably the most frustrating girl experience of my life.  I tried the entire first semester to get to dating her, but it just never materialized.  Sure I made some mistakes along the way, but it was one of those times where you're trying so hard not to mess it up that you DO mess it up.  It was one of those classic movie experiences where I'm just fighting to get out of the friend zone without destroying a relationship if I fail.  Well one night, the weekend before finals my roommate and I got into this impromptu game of keep away with Liz and one of her roommates, of course Liz was covering me.  Well this went on for about an hour and a half then we all went back to our rooms to go to bed.  I couldn't sleep a wink, my heart was pounding, so got up and went for a walk, I probably walked about 5-7 miles that night just thinking about what I was going to do.  So the next day after church I straight up asked Liz if she wanted to go ice skating after finals at the Gallivan center.  I didn't call it a date or anything, and she accepted.  Of course it wasn't for another 4 months that we finally kissed, but after that point we dated for almost a year.  It was probably the first time I was ever actually "in love" with someone, but it was also the first time I ever got dumped.  I don't really hold anything against her, to be honest, I would've dumped me too.  My life got a little out of control, my priorities got skewed, eventually I just wasn't the same person who pursued and dated her.  It was a tough lesson for me to learn, and I'd be lying if I said I don't think about her and miss those days.  But I think that's just the way it is the first time you're in love, and probably the first time you get dumped as well.

Now that brings us back to Hannah.  She'll get her own entry later.

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