09 April 2010

Mail Call

First off, I'd like to say that mail is an incredibly inefficient form of communication.  As soon as I drop my letter to Hannah in the mail slot I can think of about 20 things I forgot to write about.  They'll have to wait until next week when I'll most likely forget another 20 items.

I received my first letter from Hannah today, being just over a week this is the second longest I've ever gone without talking to her in almost exactly two years now.

Remember in movies like The Patriot, Pride and Prejudice, and other similar period pieces how the characters race out to meet the postman?  I can totally understand that feeling now.  Today was tortuous, I knew the letter was coming today, I waited and waited and waited... Finally I had to leave for work, I had waited until the latest possible moment that I could still get to work on time and it still wasn't here.  Of course as I'm on my way down the street from the house I live in I see the mail truck, 4 houses away, of course...

So there I am at work, fate saw fit to make today an unnaturally slow day at work, just teasing me, making this the longest 8.5 hours of my life so far.  Finally I clock out and book it home, walk right past my roommates watching a movie in the next room, grab the letter addressed to me in Hannah's recognizable handwriting.  You know girls handwriting, there's nothing obviously female about it, but you can always tell whether a guy or girl was the author, I think it has something to do with the curves of the letters being curvier or something.  Anyway, I grab that letter and make a break for my room downstairs, luckily without any distraction from the boys.  As I'm walking through the door I'm already tearing the envelope so that I have the pages out and in my hand before I even get to my desk.

Four Pages!  Yes!  I read it twice, just 'cause.  Then the rush is over.  I feel exactly like I did after reading the epilogue of the last Harry Potter, "I read it, it's over, now what?"  I'm talking about Highest heights to lowest low in a second flat.  Well, I'll start writing my response.  Only 7 days until the next letter.


singlemormonchick said...

i love that you are blogging about your experience waiting for a missionary. cant wait to read more!

Brooke said...

Definitely wanting to read more. This is the most unique blog idea I've seen in a long time. Keep us posted!