06 June 2010

Don't hate the game either...

There's a phrase I hear a lot that I'm utterly confused by.  I most hear it from married or engaged people.

"I'm so glad to be out of the dating game."

I guess I'm confused about what made their dating experience so horrible, especially since it resulted in earning a marriage for themselves.

I've really enjoyed the game, sure I've had my heart breaks, lows, just plain horrible experiences, but I've enjoyed the experience as a whole.  I can say that once I'm married I won't miss the game, but I will look back on it fondly.  I've always believed the saying "We are the sum of our experiences" I see it everyday.  I know that those highs and lows made me who I am, and have shaped the person who will eventually be my wife.

Why do people look at "the game" with such distaste?

Maybe I don't hate the game because I've never stressed about being with anyone, I've never stressed or worried about getting married.  I've dated because it was fun, I did it for the experience, I did it to get close to someone.  Though I won't miss the game when mine has ended, I think I'll miss getting to know people on such a personal level, hearing their stories, and learning from them.

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Anonymous said...

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