03 June 2010

Just some Flirkin'

Guys flirt in many different ways, some guys are touchy feely, some just constantly make jokes, so like to talk about how tough they are.  I'm a little too shy for those approaches, so I've figured out the perfect strategy for instantly winning a girl over.  It's a process, so it takes time, but it's so far been effective.  I'm even in this process with two girls at work.

As we've learned, I'm not the type who can walk up and get a number on the spot, some guys have the charm, or body, to overcome the creepiness of that strategy, I don't.  Just like all strategies it's important to pick one that fits your strengths and weakness.  My strengths almost all reside on or in my head.  I don't have the hottest body, genes have decided I should remain a bit skinny, so I don't have those huge muscles the ladies love.  I do have cool blue eyes, boyish good-looks, and,what many women over the years have said is my most irresistible trait, dimples.

I'm a shy person, I'm not a smooth-talker from the get-go, I like to learn things before initiating a conversation, or allow the conversation to come to me.  At work, finding opportunities to talk or learn anything about an attractive girl is a bit tough.

Like I said, this is a process.  I like to start out by smiling as soon as we make eye contact.  For some reason girls are totally drawn in by this move.  I let this continue for a few days, then I go to the "Hey, I recognize you!" wave along with the smile.  Then finally finding an opportunity to pass in close enough proximity to get a "Hi!" in.

Wow, I sound like a 6th grader dealing with his first crush now that I see this in writing, surprisingly, it's totally working.  The final phase is sealing the deal and opening a dialogue.

How do I plan to do this?  Easy, girls love compliments, and now that she recognizes me whenever we cross paths I won't seem like I've been scouting her out.  Even though I may or may not have been...


singlemormonchick said...

i can totally see how that would work. not all girls responding to the flexing braggarts.

Claire said...

Yeah, I'd be kind of freaked out if some random guy just came up to me and asked for my number- "Who IS this guy?!" Your way gets around that :)

Anonymous said...

I think this is a flippin good idea! Too bad i'm a girl and I don't know too many guys to work it on... haha oh well! I think it's a fabulous idea!

Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...

Thanks! There are some guys who just have the gift of gab, who have the guts to go up and start a conversation and walk away with a phone number, I am not one of those guys so I have to use the tools I've got!

Jacky Faber said...

It's really a crying shame that you're anonymous...you're exactly my type. Oh and you have freaking good taste in music.
sigh. Ah, well :P

Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...

What can I say?


Did I leave anything out? But even still, I'm flattered!