17 June 2010

Shadow Games

An interesting thing happened today at work.

I'm coming back from my break, when I get to where I left my stuff I notice something's off.  Upon further inspection I noticed there was a paper towel stuffed in between some things.  I pulled it out, and on it was a note, written in obviously female handwriting, which said:

You're pretty

A secret admirer note!  Now some may think that a secret admirer note in your 20's is totally lame, but I thought it was awesome, it made my night.  I think it was so nice because it was forward.  Guys always have to do most of the work when initiating a relationship with a female they are interested in.  Forward can be nice because: 1. It's a nice change of pace; and 2. It goes against common gender roles enough to make a guy feel special.  Of course being forward with a guy you're interested in is walking a thin line, you want to be forward enough to make him feel special, but not so forward that he wonders how many guys you've tried this on.

Anyway, now it was my move.  I love a good mystery!  I thought about the girls who work in that area who are within my age range and unmarried, I was able to narrow the suspects down to two.  In all honesty I was hoping for one over the other, and after further thought of previous interaction, I was pretty sure the girl I was looking for was the desirable one.  Unfortunately, It was impossible to be sure, but I didn't want whoever it was to think it went unappreciated, so I did the only thing I could think of: I wrote a note of my own.

I put a lot of thought into it.  It needed to be something simple and indirect to the general population, yet obvious to the author.  So I grabbed a paper towel of my own, wrote "Thanks!" in red Sharpie, and left it right in the middle of the break room table for that area.  I guess it will be impossible to know if SA will see it or not and, even if she does, how things proceed from here.  I guess time will tell

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