16 April 2011

You're SO smart....

Well, I kind of have a date tonight.

Yes, I do date, I just don't really talk about any of them because I can usually tell before-hand that they're doomed to failure.  Actually, who knows if they're really dates, most people would probably say they are, and they can.  The "date" and the "hang-out" are pretty much the same thing for me, the only difference is that if I'm interested then I consider it a date, if I'm not really that into her I consider it a hang-out.  Usually hang-outs are only one- or two-time things, kind of like with Melissa.  I feel slightly bad about Melissa, I know she's really interested in me, she's nice, and she's cute, but I always felt hard-pressed to find things she liked, so now I tend to find excuses for why I'm bust when she wants to get together.  Yeah, I'm like that, no one's perfect.

So tonight I have a, sort of, date with, let's call her, Smartypants.  Now, it's a sort of date because I am really interested, but due to various factors it's unclear to me where it's going but, in my opinion, it's still worth a good shot, who knows really.  She's coming over and I'm going to cook, which is not something I pull out very often, but I was feeling it this time.  I wouldn't say I'm a great cook, but I've learned how to make most of my favorite foods, so I'm pretty good at them, plus, if there's a recipe then I can probably figure it out.

One of the things Smartypants has going for her that carries significant weight for me is that she challenges me.  Smartypants is probably the most intellectually compatible girl I've met.  I don't know, it could be a bad thing, but we disagree on probably two-thirds of all things, and I will pretend to disagree about the other third just because I think it's fun.  That's not to say we don't share a lot of similar interests we just have a lot of differing opinions.  Maybe it's because I'm confrontational, but I like it.  She's also pretty competitive, which sweetens the deal.  I don't know if she's as bad as I am, it's hard to do, but it's still a fun time

One thing about me is that I pay very close attention to facial expression.  With my friends I can tell all kinds of things just from watching their face.  One of the random things that Smartypants has going for her is that she makes some pretty adorable facial expressions while she talks, and for some reason that's really attractive to me, maybe it's the evidence of some quirkiness, which is another big thing.

There are some things that I have some reservations about.  For one, she kind of lives far away, which is probably my fault, I seem to do this a lot.  Believe it or not I've only dated a girl who lived in the same city as me once.  It bothers me a little, and I'm not completely sure why it always seems to happen, but it is something I have dealt with before, and thus, not a big deal, just slightly annoying.  Another thing is that there are a few activities I enjoy from time to time that she's not really a big fan of.  This is kind of another thing I've learned to deal with.  I have some pretty broad ranging interests and hobbies, usually there are bound to be things I like that girls I date don't, and vice-versa, though usually the only thing that goes the other way is if she's a big winter sports/activities kind of girl.  I don't do cold, I act tough around other people, but really I hate being cold.

Really, try as I might, I haven't come up with any deal-breakers with Smartypants in the few times we've been together.  At least nothing that I haven't dealt with reasonably before.  Plus, intellectual compatibility is kind of a big deal for me.  Still, because of certain things I'm really uncertain where things with Smartypants will/could go right now, but I'll play it by ear and take the curve-balls as they come in.  I'm confident that dinner will turn out well, speaking of dinner, I should probably get started on that...


singlemormonchick said...

cant wait to hear out it all turned out.
are you making cheesecake for dessert? i mention it because i think i remember you commenting when i ruined that cheesecake a few months ago.
i remember a guy i dated the year after i graduated from high school. i could tell that he liked the "challenge" of me and that i could take just about anything(intellectually) he dished out. he was extremely smart-an engineering major at a pretty big university- and he told me that most girls didnt like to "talk smart". they would rather play dumb and talk about pop music and baby names. whatever.
his family loved me too. "finally someone who can keep up with him. someone who calls him on his crap."
it was fun for a while, but it got old. maybe it was the 8 year age difference. i dont know, but sometimes you just need to be comfortable with someone. that the silence is ok and it doesnt have to be competitive or mentally stimulating all of the time. we all are boring some of the time. i think the real "find" is the person who loves you during those times.

Lisa S said...

You sound like you can be yourself with her.....don't over analyze things...just enjoy and develop the relationship. You are never going to find the girl that holds all that you want in the very beginning of the relationship. Some things change and develop with commitment.

Anonymous said...

God cannot alter the past, but historians can.