07 May 2010

Consistently consistent consistency.

Life is great when I can get in to a rhythm.  The last two weeks have really flown past,  even with finals this week which I dominated.  One of my co-workers whom I also have a class with informed me that she hated me the other day, because I can do well at school without making an effort.  I do make an effort, I know my learning style and I own it.  I feel bad for people that struggle, I try to help, but I can only do so much since I swore off cheating for people once I started college.

Work is going pretty well.  I think they really favor us younger kids, everyone makes me feel awesome.  I have a co-worker from Bhutan, he's pretty cool.  We talked for a while once on a slow night, and ever since I knew where his home country was located we became quick friends.  He's here through a UN refugee program, and has been in the country about a year.  I'm impressed with how well I can understand him, he's very humble about his English skills but I can understand him better than people I know who've been in this country for much longer.  Now, most lunch breaks he quizzes me on words or phrases he doesn't understand.  Through this I've learned that English is a ridiculous language.  We have way too many words that have multiple and different meanings.  Like yesterday one of his words was "Gotcha."  How do you define that term?  He understood that it meant "I've got you" but he wanted to know how it's used.  Context is insanely important, after about five minutes I finally figured out that the context he was looking for was "I understand."  I actually really enjoy talking to him, it puts a good perspective on life.  He always tells me how "everyone knows the US is best."  That's a fact I tend to forget a lot lately.

Really the only thing missing right now is the warm weather!  I mean, high of 54 yesterday?  I want to get outside!  I'm a wuss when it comes to the cold!  Sure when other people are around I pull the tough guy routine, "What? It's 40 degrees?  Feels warmer than that!" But I'll avoid going out into the cold anyway I can.  I want to get out and run in the heat, work up a sweat, get a tan!  I really need to get out and play catch, I'm practically experiencing withdrawals.  With all my buddies being married now, and with many of them new parents or currently expecting, I need a catch buddy.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find one of those rare attractive softball players that will go out with me.  I decided yesterday at work that I really need to go to Lagoon this summer!  Now just to wait for Mother Nature to come through, and start popping out 70's.

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Claire said...

I love dominating finals. :) Or, even better, when you walk into the final, and the prof tells you that you have an A and don't have to take the final!

The weather is seriously whack, I agree. I like cold more than the average person, but even I'm not in favor of snow in May.