17 May 2010

Rally Killer

Well the date with Brandy was a flop.  She never showed.  I still have her ticket in my pocket.  This is actually the first time I've ever been stood up by a girl.

Maybe she didn't stand me up though, maybe there was some miscommunication, maybe she didn't realize we were meeting at the field.  However, I do live almost jogging distance from the stadium, and I'd have to drive past the stadium and 40 minutes round trip to pick her up.  Also I did say, "The game is at 6:30, see you then."  There's still some room for error, I guess.  But when I texted her from the stadium I never got a response...

To be honest, I'm not really bothered by it.  It was just really nice to get out to the ballgame, even if a cold wind kicked up in the 6th, and if the pitching wasn't impressive at all.  The best thing was that apparently it was "Family night at the Ballpark" tonight, so both tickets cost less than one normally does.  Also I got a big pretzel and a polish dog, can't beat that.

When I got home, however, I got on Facebook and found that one of my friends from school posted a bunch of old photos, many of which included Liz.  I still don't understand why, after two years, she still feels like a fresh wound.  Every time I think about her it ruins my night.

Well now that I've been whiny I'll have to go to bed watching Die Hard to reaffirm my manliness.


singlemormonchick said...

bummer. i am interested to hear her explanation-i am sure she will be contacting you soon. hope you post her excuse(s).
i dont think its all together unusual that the liz thing still bugs you. hope you arent worrying about it too much.
things will get better. reflect on the pretzel. it will make you smile. i love a good ole big soft pretzel. yummy. did you get cheese with it?:)

Ryan @ The Singles Ward said...

Fastball to the chin. Take your base and hope someone knocks you in.

Claire said...

I always try to make excuses for other people when stuff like that happens. Its just not worth it getting mad if it could have been a simple miscommunication!

I had a Die Hard marathon a couple months ago... We figured out halfway through the second one that they were rated R.. "Oh, no WONDER they are swearing so much..." We finished them anyway. Bruce Willis is awesome.