12 May 2010

Sac Bunt

Seriously, the ladies should be lining up at my door.

Liz gets married in a month, you know, the one who got away.  She's a continuation of a streak I'm on.  Every girl I've dated has been proposed to by the next guy she dated.  I'm trying to figure out exactly why this must be.  Am I really just always second best, or is there something about our relationship that prepares them for what's next?

I like to think that our relationship was so great, and I'm such an amazing guy that when we break up they feel so deprived that they need some more serious relationship.  I picture it something like withdrawals.

Maybe it's my complete lack of motivation to get married at the time that makes them decide they want to get married.

It could also be that their friends make fun of them for dating the same guy for a year but not getting engaged that makes them want it more.


Anonymous said...

there's a movie about that...there's a guy who after a girl goes out with him, she finds her true love or something...and then of course he falls in love and freaks out, trying to make sure they don't break up and that just makes the girl want to break up and she dates a famous penguin guy or something.
maybe you could relate. lol.

singlemormonchick said...

you are at an age in mormonville where EVERYONE gets married. dating for a year is almost unheard of. when you get married you are probably going to be really happy that you actually invested time in dating and getting to know someone. me? i am in my 40's, so if jack the ripper came by with an engagement ring i would take it. ;-) i am running out of time! i kid, of course. just about all the guys i have dated since my divorce have been in a big hurry. its kind of like keeping all the skeletons in the closet until everything is legal and binding and you are more apt to try and work on stuff rather than just bail.

Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...

"...you're more likely to get killed in a terrorist attack than get married after 40!"

I appreciate your viewpoint, most people outside my family tell me I'm being dumb because once I'm married I'll wonder why it took me so long. But I know exactly why.

singlemormonchick said...

lol-when that study originally came out, it said "after 30". hilarious, but very possibly true. a terrorist attack might be preferable to a bad marriage, trust me.
perspective is a funny thing. i broke up with my long time(5 years)high school boyfriend when i was 19 and lamented, "i am 19 and dont even have a boyfriend." i was sad and felt like an old maid. almost exactly a year later i was married and i exclaimed, "i am ONLY 20 and i am married!" i was just a baby.
when i see wedding invitations and i know the girl is just 19 or 20, i just cringe inside. then i say a little prayer.
ps-i love hearing "jumper" by third eye blind when i click on your blog :)

Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...

Yeah, I know exactly how young I am. It's hard to keep from feeling old when your friends are all married and having kids, but I know that outside of Mormon culture most people my age are still getting wasted every weekend. I've always wondered what causes the skewed age structure here. I think 27 is a good age to begin to start thinking about getting married in the future.

I'm glad you enjoy that. I tried to choose a wide variety of music I enjoy, while not detracting from the reading material. Jumper is totally my solo karaoke song though!