05 May 2010

Country Dancing

Last night actually turned out pretty well.  Of course I can't dance, I wasn't born with that bone, and usually when I can't do something I avoid it.  Sure, I love learning new things, I try to teach myself a few new things every year, this stems all the way back to when I taught myself how to read.  

Here in SLC, Country dancing is a huge Mormon thing, I mean there's a "Dry Club" here that does it two out of six nights a week.  I usually laugh at people that go, mostly because while I was young my mom was really in to the whole country thing.  We went to rodeos, I had sweet, little-kid, snakeskin boots, and a cowboy hat, I still remember a lot of country songs from that era because that's all we listened to.  Now, I don't really feel that stuff, so I was a little out of my element, wait, completely out of my element.

Brandy is a dancer, so this was her domain.  She was pretty well known too, guys were coming up probably every other song to dance with her.  There was this group of about 12 guys who new all the dances and were actually pretty skilled.  I realized the genius of these guys.  Girls are total suckers for this country dancing stuff, and being the "people-watcher" I am I realized that 70% of the girls on that floor came alone and were watching, waiting for one of this group of guys to ask them to dance.  Well I got a few dances in, mostly line dances, I did go to a few stake dances in my day.  Also I got Brandy to teach me a few moves.  I learned that if I was ever going to dance, country dancing is my ticket, really it's like eight moves that you do over and over in whatever combination you want, even someone like me could manage to figure that out.

Like I said, it was an enjoyable night, I'm still laughing about the girl who was about 4'8 who asked me to dance, seriously, this girl probably came up to the bottom of my sternum.

All-in-all it was good, I wouldn't be against going again!

I am feeling a little vengeful though, maybe I should take Brandy to the batting cages or something to even the score. 

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