26 May 2010

Digital Reconnaissance

It's funny how checking out girls has totally changed for me semi-recently.  Whenever I see a new attractive girl around I instantly judge her based on as many observations as I can make without taking too long and being creepy.

Personally, even though it's quickly become a natural progress, it's odd that my eyes go: hair, legs, face, ring-finger.  It's funny that no matter how attractive I may think a woman I meet is, I'm almost completely distracted until I can get a glimpse of that certain finger.  To be honest, it makes me a little sick to think that, even though I'm only 23, I have to make sure women aren't married before I try to talk to them.  It's a little frustrating.


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to lie, I think that is a completely normal reaction in Utah. Whenever there would be an attractive guy in one of my classes I wouldn't sit by him if I had previously noticed that he was wearing a wedding ring. It's hard for me to sit by someone and not strike up a small conversation, and it's even harder for me not to flirt.
Not talking to someone because they have a wedding ring on. Wrong? I think not. No one likes to waste time.

Anonymous said...

One of the many annoying things about living in Utah, it sucks to see a cute guy and get your hopes crushed when he has a ring on, especially when he barely looks 22.

singlemormonchick said...

i love the title of your post-totally clever. :)
i find myself checking for rings and i HATE it, but its a necessary evil. you still have to do further checking because some men dont wear their rings or some are just out to cheat on their wives anyway. kind of depressing.

Cortney said...

I say, so what if they're married? Bring polyandry into the mix, I'm sure most girls wouldn't mind *another* husband to throw in to the mix. Plus, Mormon dudes got a handful of wives back in the day, what's fair is fair right?

Everyone wins!**

** I hope it's clear that I'm joking :)

I don't know how I found you blog, but it interested me because I was a non-Mormon that faithfully waited for a Mormon boy. Thankfully, it didn't work out since we were mismatched bookends of religion, and we're both certainly happier. I'm interested to see what happens with you guys, as creepy as that sounds from a complete stranger :)

Chas Hathaway said...

You can save a step if you skip the legs. I once heard a good rule of thumb about checking girls out without having improper thoughts. It's simply this - stick with the head. Hair, eyes, etc. I found that to be very true. It's when you get below the head that you get yourself into trouble. It just takes a little practice and discipline.

Besides, after your married, you can check out your wife all you want! You just don't want the habit of checking out all girls below the head, because a habit like that doesn't disappear the moment you get married. Your wife won't appreciate you checking out other girls that way. But start the habit of avoiding that now, and it will save you a lot of stress and work later (and discord).

But I'm sure a glance at the ring finger is harmless. :D


Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...


I appreciate the advice, but I think I'm going to pass. You, my friend, are an idealist, unfortunately I'm a realist.

I don't believe that "ignorance is bliss," at least not for me. I've never had a problem NOT checking out girls when I'm in a relationship. I'm really good at appreciating what I have.

Apart from the moral issues, there's still more to it. I hope when people get married they're attracted to ALL of their wife not just from the neck up, if they're view stopped at the chin they're in for a rude awakening on the honeymoon.