16 May 2010

Game on

Well Brandy and I are hitting the Bee's game on Monday!  I heard the weather is supposed to be great so I went for it.  I'm keeping expectations low, Liz always said "If you set your expectations low you'll never be disappointed."  Sure, we were referring to movies at the time but I think that can apply to lots of things in life.  

Honestly, even though we've hung out before, I realized I'm gonna have to go with the first date inquisition.  Really I know nothing about her beyond the fact that she is a Dancer, is outdoorsy, and owns a dog.  I'm interested to see what I can find out.

Oh the suspense!


Claire said...

I love baseball games! I always go to Raptors games though, we know the owner :) Have fun!

Waiting On A Sister Missionary said...

Good old Lindquist Field, I have many a fond memory of playing on that field...

I'm impressed, I didn't think Utahns generally enjoyed baseball.

Points Awarded.